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Lisa already gave a good rundown of what makes WAM so fab. This was only my second WAM, and I was blown away by how much it's grown since I last attended. As compelling as the lectures and panel sessions may be, for me WAM is all about the networking, the mutual-admiration-society atmosphere, and the re-energizing effect of being around so many sharp, funny, and impassioned women. (I will always remember sharing an elevator with Jill Nelson and being amazed and proud that she'd not only heard of Bitch but was a fan.)

That said, I have to call out one panel as being particularly excellent. "Breaking the Frame: Revitalizing and Redefining Reproductive Rights Media Coverage," moderated by Emily Douglas of RH Reality Check, had the perfect combo of articulate, concise presenters; differing but complementary viewpoints; an informed moderator; and an engaged audience. The panel consisted of Aimee Thorne-Thomson of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project; Christina Page, author of the excellent book How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America, and Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.

I won't go into details about the presentation, as Amanda has a great summary on her site, but I do want to urge anyone who cares about reproductive health, rights, and justice to find out more about these very smart women and the awesome work they do.

by Rachel Fudge
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