Mr. Mia Hamm

nomar-fb-ad.jpg I had to take a screen shot of this ad on Facebook.

Do you see that? A six-time All-Star baseball player is being referred to as Mr. Mia Hamm.

Yes, when I saw it I yelled "Hell yeah!" It's overwhelming how often we hear of prominent women who get referred to as Mrs. Whomever She Married. Or even people who think that the wife of a prominent man owes her success to him. It honestly is nice to see a famous man referenced as Mr. Famous Woman. Then again, I do hate to see anyone have their own accomplishments minimized. Even if you are married to the Soccer Goddess.

Around Chicago, people still remember the time when President Obama was known as Mr. Michelle Obama. My husband made a joke this morning about how I introduce him to people at HIS work events. So what's a successful grrl to do?

Do you have a higher profile than your partner? Does it get to them? Does it bother you? Is it harder for hetero couples to deal with an imbalance of "fame" than same sex couples? Just wondering if the whole masculinity-thing fuels jealousy in these situations...Or maybe not.

by Veronica Arreola
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Aww. The lovely Mr. Hamm

I don't really have any fame or profile to speak of, but I do think it's funny and charming when delivery people or cable guys refer to my boyfriend as "Mr. Mylastname" or when mail comes to our house addressed to "The Mylastname Family." Partially, it's funny to me because I grew up in a pretty traditional world with married straight parents where those assumptions made sense. In my current life, those assumptions are often out of place and funny. In the same vein, we both thought it was really charming when the man who tailored my boyfriend's suit referred to me as "The Mrs."

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