New Video: Feminist Frequency Compares the Hunger Games Book and Movie

The always-awesome Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency has a new video up today comparing the book and movie versions of The Hunger Games. She makes some great points about the humanizing (or lack thereof) of the tributes, the irony of watching people watch people kill one another for entertainment, and the whitewashing of Katniss and Hollywood in general.

I can’t say I agree with her that Josh Hutcherson is a dud in the movie, but then again, you know I’m a total Peeta Mellark apologist.

Transcript and links available at Feminist Frequency.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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I also love Peeta

Peeta is awesome. I love this video. We did a big chat about Hunger Games and feminism at our blog last week and overall, gave it a thumbs up. Our biggest concern was the reluctance of the film to engage with the physical impact of war on the bodies of Katniss and Peeta -- where's her deafness? Where's his amputation? Tiger Beatdown also made this point in a recent blog post.

Josh Hutcherson was a

Josh Hutcherson was a fantastic Peeta. Collins herself said that he IS Peeta and I totally agree that he nailed the role.

i thoroughly enjoyed watching

i thoroughly enjoyed watching this review - many a good points were raised.
very new to bitch magazine - read it in print first time yesterday at a local Barnes and Nobles -
and looked the website up!
Good work, ladies!

Honestly, I loved the

Honestly, I loved the character of Katniss in The Hunger Games. She is a character I wrote on being a necessity in literature in terms of being a positive female role model for girls growing up in this world. She is an attractive character, Hollywood made sure of that, but that's one of the last things I'd comment on. She has so much ability and the actress that played her character put so much emotion behind her. Finally, looks aren't coming first in terms of casting.

I laughed during the whole

I laughed during the whole movie. I thought it didn't live up to the hype of what everyone promised. I was greatly disappointed. I think they should have had Katniss narrating the movie, since all of it goes on in her head. By not doing this, they left out many of the parts that made Katniss unlikable and down right mean. They made her to much of a martyr, which she is no doubt, but it cut out most of her untrusting and cruel over-analytically, judgmental nature. Also, It made me mad that Rue only had a scene with her. Rue was a big part of the novel and she was trivialized greatly. This girl was the only true spot of character development for Katniss in my eyes and made her the most loving. Rue's similarity to Prim gave a second depth to Katniss and the book. It showed that even though Katniss saved her younger sister, who would have been killed on spot, this other girl is equally small and malnourished and also force to go into the hunger games. This girl is just like Prim but she too is caught in this horrible game. It really boiled Katniss's sacrifice down more because even though she saved her sister, she couldn't save this other girl or any other child like her. In the movie, Rue was very insignificant. Also, Thrash's killing of Clover had no meaning to me because we couldn't see how much Rue meant to people. I still cried at her death though.

Overall, the movie was clearly made to cater to fans of the book. If you didn't read it, don't watch it because there is so much more to it. It was pure fan service. I won't read the other two books and probably won't see the next movie. It's better than twilight by leaps and bounds but- at this point- that's not saying much, I do comend the auther(Forgot her name) The hunger games' world is very thought provoking and beautiful in it's horror. I wish the movie captured it more.

I think you really missed the

I think you really missed the point about the Hunger Games Trilogy, many people wanted Katniss to be a bad ass Joan of Arc through out the series. However, that is completely unrealistic. NO ONE goes of to war at that young of an age and comes back as a fighter. The author was trying to take the point across that war and violence break people, children! The books were very realistic to what an actual girl would respond after going through that experience. You really missed the point of the books and Josh did a great job as Peeta, his smiles, tears, and facial expression was spot on. I feel like the corny writing was the problem at some areas.

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