News flash: boys like relationships

Cheers to a new study reporting that, contrary to age-old stereotypes about teenage boys as indiscriminate horndogs, 16-year-old boys' primary motivations for dating are that they "really like the person" (via the New York Times health blog).

It's kinda sad that both the study and the even-handed New York Times treatment is cause for celebration, but when most media discussion of gender and sexuality regurgitates the same old hoo-ha with a few new twists, well, I'm breakin' out my noisemaker for this one.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of play the study gets. As documented by frequent Bitch contributor Keely Savoie, among others, reporting on science tends to be especially steeped in cultural baggage. Can a commonsense conclusion like this one break through?

by Lisa Jervis
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I usually can't stand

I usually can't stand feministic type rants and tend to avoid them, purely on the basis that in everything I've read, the authors want to swing the giant "who-is-better" argument to the opposite, but at it's core perfectly juxtaposed, point of view. Simply put, I cannot stand hypocrites who attack another group in a strikingly similar way to how they've been attacked, while at the same time complaining about being attacked.

However, I couldn't help applaud the fact that, as a feminist, you gave notice to a study that gave men some credit. Kudos to you for being a feminist with your head out of your ass and realizing that (like many early feminists believed) the gender does not define the person or the values.

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