Nicole Georges pays tribute to the Queer Animal Kingdom

Friend and contributor to the magazine, Nicole Georges,
was featured in a mini-documentary recently on I thought I would
share because I’m always inspired by how genuine and positive her work
is. She touches a lot on her personal relationships (so relatable
and painfully honest), but often also weaves her love of animals in to
her work as well. This documentary is specifically about her latest
project—an exploration of the Queer Animal Kingdom.

Nicole Georges 5/1/09 from cat on Vimeo.


To see more of Nicole’s work go to her website.
To buy her zine Invincible Summer, or one of her famous calenders, check out her Etsy shop.

Also, keep your eyes out for her next contribution to the Bitch, which will be the first contribution to our new back-page comic feature!

by Briar Levit
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9th grade

in a conversation, a woman i really respect (a friend's great aunt) revealed that she thought homosexuality was unnatural and i was kind of surprised. i (uncharacteristically at the time) challenged her and said, 'i read that some cats are gay.' and her response was 'they must have been hanging out with people too much'. i guess people will believe what they believe. i know she was religious (christian), so it would probably take more than a 13 year old saying she read about gay cats to totally change her mind.

sorry this doesn't really have a point, i just hadn't thought about that in a while.

i love this!

thanks for posting, briar. i can't stop watching that video...

can't wait to see nicole's back page comics in the next issue!

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