Nicole J. Georges: Does the J stand for “just lovely?”

In an attempt to add more "loves" to my usual "shoves," I wanted to tell the world about my crush on zinester, artist, and Bitch contributor Nicole J. Georges.

I first heard of Nicole J. Georges when the Sister Spit: the Next Generation tour rolled onto my college campus back in 2007. I remember immediately falling in like with her, charmed by her vintage threads, supportive footwear, and fascination with Dr. Laura. At that performance, I bought the first anthology of her genuinely funny and culinarily helpful zine Invincible Summer.

In addition to putting out a second anthology and new zines, Nicole has showcased her art around Portland and beyond, along with dedicating time to both the Portland Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls as well as the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Nicole has turned into a Portland celebrity crush of sorts for me, inspiring giddiness when I spotted her performing at a Harry and the Potters show, attending the Bitch benefit concert, and tabling at two Portland Zine Symposiums.

Between her love of animals, stories about coffee shop admiration, and f-ing adorable illustrations, Nicole J. Georges has secured a permanent spot at the top of my crush list. Keep an eye out for her upcoming graphic memoir, Calling Dr. Laura, set to come out in the Fall of 2010 through Beacon Press.

In the meantime, check out her website, blog, and etsy shop!

by Annalee Schafranek
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I can't wait for CALLING DR. LAURA! Nicole kicked my ass at aerobics class the other day, as well. She is so great!


So talented and drop-dead fuckin' gorgeous to boot!

Whoa YEAH!

Nicole J. Georges is fab indeed! Her books are so charming and real... raw and beautiful! She's one of those artists/people who give me hope...

March farewell - summer parties I am well!

Rather gracefully Nicole... Especially with a hedgehog it was pleasant...

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