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Is it not at least a little funny that a permanent birth control procedure has the word “sure” in it? Considering how often I’m still asked if I’m sure about having my tubes tied and not wanting to have children, you’ve got to suspect someone in the Essure labs had a sense of humor.

Essure, unlike a tubal ligation, is a non-surgical way to block your fallopian tubes—no stitching, scars, or anesthesia required. A catheter that passes through the vagina and into the cervix and uterus makes this out-patient procedure less invasive and arguably just as effective—not to mention cheaper. A doctor puts little inserts up into your fallopian tubes, which will eventually cause enough scar tissue to permanently block the tubes. You only have to complete one follow-up visit to make sure the procedure was successful—different from having a tubal ligation, after which you use contraceptives for another month or so and then basically hope and assume that the surgery worked. The similar nifty feature of both, though, is that while I have clamps on my fallopian tubes, I will also likely accumulate enough scar tissue that if the clasps ever fall off, it probably won’t matter because the tubes will have long since been blocked.

Essure is promoted by former TV Bachelorette Trista Sutter, which I think is a fascinating departure from the way celebrity status (or some variant thereof) is used to talk about compulsory childbearing, motherhood, birth control, and sterilization. Sutter’s story on the Essure website is particularly interesting because she explains that she tended to have high-risk pregnancies. Since some women who have difficulty with conception and/or pregnancy turn to options like adoption or medical procedures for permanent birth control, I think—even if it is likely sponsored by a for-profit medical products manufacturer—that it might be a more honest way to talk about how we all make these decisions based on what’s best for our bodies, families, and lives.

She also addresses how important our sex lives are to all of us, and how stress about and fear of unplanned pregnancy can significantly alter your relationship with your partner. I always felt lucky that I could afford birth control pills, but the side effects that I experienced—namely, that the hormones exacerbated my already difficult lifelong struggle with migraines—eventually didn’t balance out. Nothing sexy about a migraine, and there was no reason to live with that kind of pain when I could both opt out of chronic headaches and do away with any real statistical chance of becoming unintentionally pregnant.

In this clip, Sutter’s doctor talks about how women who learn about Essure often want the procedure, but as always, I suspect that childfree women interested in an option like Essure will face scrutiny and resistance from medical professionals. It may not be as invasive as a tubal ligation, but it’s arguably just as permanent.

I want to point out that, as I mentioned in a comment on another post, I find it tricky to discuss the specifics of sterilization costs since these things tend to vary, especially if you’re lucky enough to have health insurance that might cover (partially or fully) some sort of temporary and/or permanent birth control. (I’ll refrain from ranting about how covering permanent birth control options would save everyone—the insurance giants and individuals—a hell of a lot of money.) That said, I’ll talk about the financial barriers to some of these things next week.

Do you think women know that non-invasive procedures like Essure are an option? Do you think childfree women have the same trouble securing any form of permanent birth control, no matter which type they want? Have you encountered resistance from medical professionals about sterilization options?

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I don't think that Essure has

I don't think that Essure has the same exposure as other long-term or permanent methods of birth control. I tried looking into it a few years ago; I live in a major metro area and have health insurance. Finding a doc who offers Essure was difficult. Then the actual steps involved -a consult, then getting the procedure - were difficult for me with having young children at home. Plus, they wanted me to go on hormonal birth control during the time pre-placement until after everything was all-clear, so at least several months. With all the hurdles, I ended up opting against it.

I don't think Essure was

I don't think Essure was available when I might have been interested (10-20 years ago), not that I could have likely afforded it. I had always assumed that if I had a long-term male partner, he would have a vasectomy, as that was the less-invasive permanent procedure available at the time. But then I came out and found lesbianism was both free and very effective!

Tubal Ligation

I encountered a lot of "are you sure" questions while going through tubal ligation a few years ago. I am already a mother to two children. On one hand, the questions were annoying. But on the other hand, I once had a coworker who had her tubes tied and then had them "untied", because she wanted to have another baby. So I just reconciled myself to the fact that everybody and their mom, literally, will ask if I was sure before we can finally get down to the procedure. Much like when you call a customer service line someplace and they ask you a dozen of stupid questions before you get service.

This birth control method

This birth control method still has such a high rate of complications that I would imagine it is especially scary for women with no health insurance. I even have health insurance, and it was new enough and had enough complications that I chose to get an IUD. The Feminist Women's Health Center in Atlanta specializes in women's reproductive health and a) doesn't do Essure and b) has such extensive experience already with IUDs.

I have to wonder about the media and political comments regarding competition in health care because tubal ligation was also a method I considered. I need to plan my finances and had already used my Flexible Savings Account funds. So I called Blue Cross, who said every dr. has different negotiated costs. I called one dr. who never returned my call for information, so after the 2nd call, I found a new one. This one took several calls and several weeks to finally get the dr. costs. She then gave me the hospital #, where I called and got THERE costs. They then said I needed to call the anesthesiologist to find out THERE cost. At more than one point, I was told that I would find out when I got the bill!!! As if that makes any sense!

So I finally gave up and used the fabulous Feminist Women's Health Center and got the much-used Paragard. While I bleed a bit more heavily (and after 40 was already bleeding fairly heavily), I have been delighted with not having to worry about pregnancy anymore! (I'm a divorced mother of 2, btw). By the 2nd month I was already back to pretty much an exactly 28 day menstrual cycle.

I would expect the Feminist Women's Health Center, and ANY responsible doctor. to provide counsel regarding the permanence of sterilization and the fact that some people later regret it. However, they would certainly not deny anyone any options. They are just careful everyone has all the facts before them. I don't think you can fault caregivers for this when you consider the number of women in the anti-choice movement who say they had an abortion and then regretted it. This has led to the ridiculous "protect women from the freedom to make a bad choice" view of abortion. I would only have a problem with a dr. who tries to limit my choices. But a dr. who simply makes their patients aware of all the pros and cons of a procedure and then leaves the informed choice to the patient, is most ethical.

I've not heard of any of the

I've not heard of any of the risks the previous poster alludes to. On the contrary, my doctor--who does not yet offer Essure but is planning to do so in the future--told me it was very safe, very effective, and highly regarded in the business.


Everything has a risk, including Essure. A big complication that comes to mind is being allergic to the materials used... such as the nickle in the coils. Ideally this would be figured out before the procedure, but it sounds like allergic complications aren't being routinely considered.

Look on their website. My

Look on their website. My first concern is that they mentioned an anaesthetist. Why? Essure doesn't require anaesthetic. So why would they ever say you would have to pay for one? It doesn't add up. The materials they use for Essure are those that are used commonly in medicine, so I'm sure that they would treat it similarly in asking about allergies first, and making sure that it wouldn't cause a reaction.


My GYN said the procedure requires numbing medication to your cervix, and a valium to minimize the discomfort while the springs are inserted into the fallopian tubes.. This can be administered by a nurse or a doctor. I would strongly advocate for a pain free process!


Just to share my experience -- I had the valium, vicodin and two shots (one in hip, one in cervix). The procedure was incredibly painful for me. I know lots of women say they don't feel a thing. I personally wish they'd just put me under for it. It was nearly unbearable (but what choice did I have once they started? I wasn't going to only do it halfway). That was just how it was for me.

When I had the Essure

When I had the Essure implants the effective rate was 100% so I had no reason at all to doubt it. But when I had it placed in 2003, I was among the first, so there simply weren't enough studies conducted to 'ensure' Essure's long term results. It's been 10 years for me and I can vouch for the product being painlessly reliable for 2 years until I became pregnant...not very "permanent" and I was pregnant many other times after proof of sterilization as confirmed by blood tests. From then on I had to use oral contraceptives with my "permanent" birth control and today I still search for a doctor to safely remove the implants from somewhere outside of my pelvic region nowhere near my tubes. Although I am likely in the minority, these are just some verifiable 'risks' to keep in mind when considering this procedure.

essure side effects

I too was considering the essure procedure, but after some research I have discovered femore women have life altering complications than successful implants. Please review the testimonies on it is a website that divulges the pros, cons, and testimonials of both successful procedures and women who are suffering or have suffered terrible side effects from the implant.

I've spoken with my GYN at

I've spoken with my GYN at length about Essure and I would get it in a heartbeat! I'm hoping my new insurance that kicks in soon will cover at least most of it. I'm a 25 mother of two, so given my age I was prepared for a fight, but she was refreshingly agreeable. She told me most doctors wouldn't do the procedure for me unless I was much older or had many more children, but that she, "give[s] women more credit for knowing what they want."

A friend in another city is having the exact opposite experience. She also really wants to get it done. She's 28 and childfree and has been refused by every single GYN she's seen. She keeps getting told that she's going to change her mind eventually and to just keep taking birth control for now.

i have just got the essure today

<p>At 8am today i went in to have my essure placed it had some pain....but my comment is if she is a woman with not children and is 28 and they won't do the essure let her know to get the iud parigaurd it has no hormones and is placed in office and is good for up to 5 to 10yrs</p>

I am 28 and child free and in

I am 28 and child free and in the process of scheduling an appointment for essure. I had the initial consult and the doctor was very understanding and believes that I am old enough to know what I want. Keep looking for the right doctor and it will be hassle-free.

I had the enssure and ended

I had the enssure and ended up prego don't do it

Not so simple

Did you follow up like you were supposed to and have the confirmation test at three months after the procedure?

Did you use a backup form of birth control until you got confirmation of both tubes being blocked?

Did your doctor place the coils in the proper place?

Was your confirmation test read correctly to show tubal blockage?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then your pregnancy really wasn't the result of a device failure. Even so, no contraceptive method (even traditional tubal ligation) is 100% effective.

Hi i read your comment and

Hi i read your comment and you said you had essure done was everything ok after that have you had any problems i ask because i have my app sch for tomorow to get essure done

Hi I read your comment

I had the procedure 4 years ago and I'm glad I made the decision. It was a little painful and uncomfortable, but worth it to me. Three months later I went for my checkup and only one tube was blocked. Had to go back 3 months later and second one was closed. During that time I experienced mild cramping and my periods were different. It took a year for them to return to normal. After that, it has been smooth sailing.

Do you know if the coil that

Do you know if the coil that didn't take was removed and replaced? Or was it left in your body and another one properly placed?

DONT DO IT!!! It may be too

DONT DO IT!!! It may be too late but please do more research look on facebook for essure and problems associated with essure look on google! I have been suffering from excessive blood lose since april 2013 from essure being placed! It hurt so bad and every time I ovulate I feel the egg passing through the tissue and if the egg can pass through so can the sperm! There have been MANY MANY MANY cases of pregnancies and weight gaina nd developing severe allergies to the metal!!


How do you know your excessive menstrual blood loss is due to the Essure? Were you on hormonal contraceptive medicines before the Essure? If so, those medicines typically lessen your menstrual blood loss. Once you stopped those medicines after you had your Essure, <b>that</b> is why your menstrual blood loss is more -- not because of the Essure.

in Response

I know my excessive blood loss was from Essure because on October 2 2013 I had to have an emergency bilateral Salpinectomy. (this is the removal of both fallopian tubes) the Essure devices preforated my fallopian tubes and since I was allergic to the Nickle and Iodine they could not ensure closure. Yes I felt my body ovulating for months! Once I was on my way home from surgery i bent over and started BAWLING It was the very first time in 6 months that it did not hurt to just bend over! I have been e-free for 6 months now and I feel amazing!

I'm sorry, but this sounds

I'm sorry, but this sounds ridiculous.

*How can you feel "the egg passing through the tissue"? Those "eggs" are tiny. In fact, they are so small - you can't see them with your naked eye, and naked to use a without a microscope. You feel something else. Moreover, THERE IS NO WAY an egg can pass through the tissue (nor can the sperm). It is just not possible. This is not how our bodies are designed.

*If you were taking hormonal contraceptives before you had Essure, your period was likely changed due to those medications, as they are known to lessen the amount of blood a females loses during a period. If the intensity/amount changed after you had Essure, it is likely that your period had just returned to your normal, and you are just naturally prone to heavier periods.

*No medical procedure come without any risk for side-effects or any negative consequences. This why an informed consent has been invented - so that you do your "homework" and learn as much as you can about the procedure before you have it done.

Re: feeling the egg pass

Re: feeling the egg pass through the tissue during ovulation, I'm pretty sure that a lot of women can feel the eggs being released at the beginning of ovulation, so I find it not at all unlikely that someone could feel an egg (which being the largest human cell and actually visible without a microscope) passing through sensitive tissue like that.

I had my essure implants

I had my essure implants yesterday... My Dr. Advised me it was pain free and i keep reading that you dont need to be put under and recoveey time is minimal... I was put ubder and woke up crying before i even could remember where i was. I told the nurse my doc said i wouldnt feel anything aside from mild cramps and she told me to ask him if hes ever had the proceedure done to him. She said every single woman who comes out from the same thing cries just like me. Its been over 24 hours and I am still gushing blood and the 'mild cramps' arr more like a very strong contraction! (you know... The ones where you feel like if it gets any stronger you may pass out) Ive had really weird clotting and even some goey tan chunks on my pad. . So much for 'light spotting' I wouldnt recomend essure to anyone and from all the message boards Ive read, Im apparently not the only one who feels so!


Hi Rewanda
I'm sorry your having problems with your Essure coils, you are not alone! There are hundreds of us with issues most with the same as you. The Facebook page Essure problems close group will give you lots of support from woman like us. Fel better best wishes. Maria

Not Happy

I had a very similar experience. The procedure was in January of 2012 and my doctor never even knocked me out. I was given a valium, which anyone knows if you are extremely nervous; it does nothing for you. And a numbing shot in my cervix. At an earlier visit I told him that my uterus was severely tilted and he examined me and said it shouldn't be a problem. Boy was he ever wrong. The exam table had to be turned to were I was practically on my head and the pain and overall feeling had my legs shaking like a leaf. Extreme nausea set in and I couldnt do anything about it. Finally when I got to actually stand up the nurses had to put my clothes on for me. Walking out the door my fiance grabbed me and was asking if I was okay. I was completely white, all the color had left my body. The doctor looked at him and said,
"oh she will be fine as soon as the meds wear off", whatever, cried myself to sleep that day and was sore for about 4 days after. I have never felt so violated in all my life. It took a little while to get over that. It has been a year now and since day 1 I can feel the coils in my tubes, not comfortable at all, and within the past few months the pain in my back and bends of my legs are getting unbearable. Maybe just the fact that I am extra sensitive and can tell from month to month which side I am ovulating from is why I do not like Essure, who knows. Serious consideration should be taken by anyone thinking of getting the implants; especially if they are sensitive.

Help me?

Will you give me the name, number, address, or website of the doctor who didn't discriminate against your age?

First, I hope experience as

First, I hope experience as an uninsured childfree woman in the south is not typical. Every provider I've approached about long-term/permanent birth control has balked at the concept. Due to said lack of insurance, I get my annual exam and The Pill through our local health department. I also have migraines that are exacerbated by birth control, so I've discussed other options with the NPs there on several occasions. They will only help you pursue sterilization if you've had something like 3 children. Yep, let's let that sink in. A state-funded program will only assist you in not having children if you've already had children when you're clearly at enough of an economic disadvantage to require their you would likely need to feed and provide medical care for three more human lives. WUT.

So, I scrapped the sterilization idea and asked about an IUD. And you guessed it--an IUD is only available if you've had at least one child. My NP searched the guidelines front to back, trying to find a loophole for me, but none exists. That's right. Long term but easily removable non-hormonal birth control? Gotta have a kid.

The loophole we finally found was--get this--a vasectomy for my husband. And that's only happening because he and a former girlfriend gave a child up for adoption. Yep. In my state, you can only make long-term reproductive decisions if you've already reproduced. What the hell?

Just for shits and giggles, I asked my private practice gyno that I see periodically about ovarian cysts about getting an IUD. He told me he wouldn't do it because I would change my mind and want to have a kid. *HEADDESK* At that point I decided that anyone that dense, sexist, and dismissive didn't need to be near my uterus, and I now see a different doctor at that practice.

I'm 30 years old. I know my own mind. I know that I definitely do not want or need to reproduce. Childfree women are not unicorns. We exist. We know what we do and do not want from our lives. Policy should not override my bodily autonomy.

That is ridiculous! Your

That is ridiculous! Your doctor does realize that an IUD isn't permanent, right? If you decided to have a kid, it can be taken out. I know many doctors won't give them to women who have never had children and cite several complications that have long been proved false as reasons. ACOG and WHO approve them for women with no children; the doctors are just playing into misconceptions.


I cannot believe the hell you have been put through. I live in the Pacific Northwest, am a childfree woman, and my gyn gave me a Paragard no problem. My insurance would have covered Essure but I chose not to go that route yet, although I will pursue it in the future.

I haven't had anywhere near the bingoes and BS you've had. I am sorry you had to go through all that! I definately recommend seeing an entirely new provider - if you are seeing one who won't give you an IUD because you don't have children and/or "might change your mind" that person doesn't know what they are talking about! That's what the IUD is FOR!! UGH!



I'm usually surprised by how little difference there is between the U.S. and Canada, but these horror stories about seeking permanent sterilization and birth control sound like they're from the 1960s and I really feel for my American sisters!

Laws against people <i>choosing</i> sterilization for themselves? Um - what?

Doctors who won't implant an IUD in <i>married</i> women? Um, what?

I recently saw my doctor about my birth control options. She's probably in her 50s - so not a fresh-faced new doctor by any means. I discussed my dodgy history with the Pill, and asked her about the nuva ring or patch and she countered with - "Have you considered an IUD? I think it sounds like the best option for you, given your health and history."

When I said, I thought it was only recommended for married women in monogamous relationships b/c of increased risk of infection, etc. She said, "Oh god no, that's outdated information. The engineering of the new IUDs don't run the same risk and that belief was prejudiced to begin with."

I'm enraged for you.

Forgot the best part

My doctor's follow-up to: of course young, unmarried women can get IUDs:

She said that many women who go in for abortions come out with IUDs implanted.

And, yes, abortions in Canada are covered by provincial health care - aka, cost us nothing. At least in my province. Unfortunately, IUDs run ~$400 and often aren't covered by our benefit providers.

That's a lot cheaper than

That's a lot cheaper than I've heard quoted in the US. I'm on a few childfree communities, and I've heard figures from $500-1000 for IUDs, if people are uninsured or their insurance doesn't cover the IUD for some reason. At that price, I might as well save up for Essure and have the question taken care of permanently. (Which I'm in the process of doing, assuming that our car doesn't die or something similarly expensive. Saving when you're paycheck-to-paycheck really sucks.)

The Loop Hole

Thank you JooRee! I am a poor, single southern woman myself that has decided not to reproduce. I have always known my family was complete since I was 14 and had to help raise my younger brother and sister. I have had my taste of child raising and now I want to live my dreams, child free. My doctor was glad to do the procedure and was almost certain medicaid would pay. My situation is a little different thought because I have a mental illness that I have to take medication for, for the rest of my life. That is the loop hole in Texas. You have to be Fucke'n nuts.

I feel for you. I am 34 and

I feel for you. I am 34 and having a hard time trying to find anyone willing to let me do anything permanent. I don't want kids, my husband does not want kids, end of story. Although I am grateful that my GYN is willing to insert an IUD for me, I cannot use the copper one because my periods were extremely heavy naturally and this would make it worse, so I'm stuck to the pill or mirena. Mirena sounded good until I found a site filled with women who had horrible problems on it. My GYN does not do essure but my sister-in-law's GYN does and comes highly recommended. But, again, it won't matter because I've never had a kid therefore I must not know what I want in life and will change my mind. It's SO frustrating!

Dayton, OH

I actually had an appointment with a young female doctor in Dayton, Ohio, for the Essure prodecure. I was 23 years old, unmarried, no kids, and no plans of ever having any.

Her name escapes me, as its been a few years since then, but I had no problem. She asked the required screening questions, basically asserting that I knew what the word "permanent" meant, and then scheduled me.

Unfortunately, I was dropped from my insurance (I was on my father's while I was in college) and could no longer afford the procedure, so I had to cancel the appointment.

To be honest, I was surprised it was so easy-- I was anticipating a fight, and lots of doctors acting like they knew better than me what I wanted for my life. A nurse hinted, "Dayton is one of the hot spots of the feminist movement-- we're a little more open-minded than you might find in the rest of Ohio."

Must be the case!

Do you remember the name of

Do you remember the name of the clinic, or their website?

Last summer, I talked to two

Last summer, I talked to two NPs in the same clinic about long-term birth control.

When I asked the first NP about Essure, he hemmed, hawed and said that doctors don't like performing tubal ligations on people my age--- I'm 25 and childless.

Two weeks later, I met with another NP who recommended Essure to me, saying it was safer than other options and that her own daughter had chosen the procedure.

For now, I'm mostly happy with my Paragard IUD. Hoping for Essure sometime in the future.

Great post!

Yes, I do feel that

Yes, I do feel that child-free women have much more trouble when it comes to receiving a permanent birth control. I myself am a young adult and I am 100% positive that I do not want children. It upsets me when I ask my doctor about the options of tubal ligation or Essure and she always tells me that I will "change my mind", and/or gives me a hard time. I have also talked to other medical practitioners and they too gave me a difficult time, which only resulted in me becoming more frustrated. I wish that I would be able to discuss my wishes about permanent birth control and not be lectured about my decision.

I'm 28 and childfree...I've

I'm 28 and childfree...I've wanted to be sterile since I was in my early twenties. I just saw a doctor for an Essure consultation yesterday...I got the usual little lecture, but he agreed to do it! June 8th, I become my own woman!

41 and haven't changed my mind

I am going to see if I can get it done around Denver this summer. I have never wanted kids, and all my life I've heard that I would change my mind. At 41, with one -count it, one - experience of thinking it might be <em>sorta</em> acceptable to have a kid, I will not be taking any questions about "being sure" nicely. Now it's fingers crossed for insurance coverage.

Do your research on essure first!

I had essure done in Nov. 2006 and have had nothing but problems since. My sex life is basically over. I have heavy periods that last for Weeks. At first Doctor that performed the procedure said it was because of switching from birth control and it would regulate on it's own. It's been six years and 4 gynos later a Dr. finally admits it's most likely my Esssure. Now I'm going to have to go through a hysterectomy. Turns out this "safe" form of permanent birth control has the highest complaint numbers of any form of birth control, permanent or temporary!


<p>Hi .I had my procedure done in 04/2012 and it wasn't any big deal at all, im happy with .I went to get the hystero and I thought it was going to hurt because that's what I have been reading ,not at all it was pretty good it was like get a papsmear ,but the only bad news where that my left tube wasn't blocked yet so have to go back to my Dr and see what's going to happen next..but I really recommend that procedure...thks</p>


After having Essure for a year now I have has nothing but complications! I have been reading the reviews and this proceedure seems like it was not studied long enough before the Dr.'s started pushing it on there patients! It was painfull the HSG was again painfull! I wish I had never had it done with a lot of other ladies suffering out there! We are thinking its a breeze easy proceedure and everything else they filled our heads with but its all BS! If this ESSURE is permanent then why are all these ladies getting pregnant! and why are the coils being found in different places in there bodies besides there tubes! The FDA needs to go back and do some more reviews! NOT PLEASED AT ALL!!!

Nowadays Essure is becoming

Nowadays Essure is becoming more and more common, but I must say I do not trust the procedure, counting the fact that there are so many women on the net complaining about various problems encountered weeks and even years after having the Essure. I think this procedure might become good in the future, but now is just being sugar coated by doctors and need many fixing, like for example the material used in the coils - nickel - poisoned many of those women, and there is even a petition being made to reach FDA to stop and/or test the procedure for longer. There is also a Facebook page called Essure problems trying to gather women who have/had problems and even got pregnant after the HSG test gave 100% closure of the fallopian tubes, I advise you all to be careful and read a lot before doing it.

Here is the petition site, in case someone wants to join:

I tried for about 10 years to

I tried for about 10 years to get sterilized and met resistance from every doctor I talked to - I wasn't old enough/didn't have any kids/I’d change my mind. I was positive I didn’t want kids. I opted for birth control pills instead of continuing to fight. Then while on the birth control pills (and only having 1 tube), I find out I’m pregnant. Since the birth control pills didn’t seem to be very effective for me I tried again after my daughter was born with the same results (not old enough/only 1 child), but continued to ask at every appointment. Now I am in my mid-thirties and an unmarried mother of 2. After the birth of my second child when I asked about sterilization the doctor just asks me if I’m sure I want to do it this young and immediately gives me the information on Essure when I say that I am. What the heck, why couldn’t they have taken my word for it any of the other times I asked? Does having 2 kids suddenly make me able to decide things for myself?

So I got the Essure procedure

So I got the Essure procedure done October 6th 2011, did the die and xray and showed that it was good that I wouldn't get pregnant, and here I sit finding out yesterday I am pregnant. I have 3 kids and my boyfriend has 1 we dont want any more kids thats the reason I got the procedure done. Now I am faced with the difficult decision of keeping or not keeping the baby, money is tight and we don;t have the room for another kid in the house.


<b>Do you what you need to do.</b> Don't let some fanatic tell you this is a miracle. I don't want kids and I want to be sterilized. Do you what you feel is right in your own mind. Don't let others tell you want to do.

Essure lawsuit

Erin Brokovich has set up a website.
please join in on the fight against Conceptus, makers of Essure. tell your story. contact Erin. litigation is moving forward!

Essure is not the Best thing ever !!! I would think twice

I will agree it was pretty painful, and I went through a lot before the procedure it's self and having to go to a specialist at another location. My massive problem with it all which I found a story similar to mine, is that I had the procedure done everything seemed fine........ Then wow somehow after 3...3! years I now find out I am pregnant, so what somehow it just stopped working, this can't take it back procedure and I now find myself pregnant. I would think twice before having this done. Now I am in for the change of my life, I love children have 2 never was even thinking there was still a chance after 3 years and then ironically to hear there is another person if not more that this has happened to after 3 years. I also fear the pregnancy will have many risks, this is all scary to me. If anyone has input on what they have heard I am just starting to research things.

Same experience as you. By

Same experience as you. By now I'm sure your baby was born healthy. My real health problems did not start until after the vaginal birth of my child. I would highly recommend you getting a CT scan for placement of the coils. Mine are not retrievable now as they moved to other organs and I wish I had them removed from my uterus while I could. Also, even when you have proof of sterilization after the baby, don't trust it. I was pregnant many times after the HSG proved I was blocked and the worst part was monthly miscarriages after he was born, that were diagnosed as "heavy" cycle until a blood test was finally ordered during one of these episodes confirming a drop in pregnancy hormones. I hope you see this and watch for the possible signs of recurring miscarriages and tubal pregnancies (which I have also had since the birth).

I love my Essure!

I had Essure a few months ago and believe me, I saw the complaints I've seen here. The fact is, the majority of people are happy with their Essure and have simply moved on with their lives. The complaint is about the nickel, which has been unfairly demonized, it is a routine part of surgical steel implants and in Essure the amount is less than the amount you even consume in a day. I myself don't wear cheap jewelry, I'm allergy prone, and I'm fine. I just haven't seen any credible science behind the claims. I see a lot of emotion, a lot of unrelated psychosomatic symptoms, and no facts. I'm not saying true complications can't occur, but they are within the acceptable minority levels.

I myself had an IUD fail me, but I realized that I was just unlucky and in that 1% and despite my luck, it is a good product and most people are happy with it. I didn't demand it be taken off the market for my experience alone. Hell, there are large groups of communities who complain about "post-tubal ligation syndrome" and demand that procedure be taken off the market. You can't please everyone, not everyone will be a happy customer.

If you are still interested, I suggest researching the science and history of surgical steel versus TRUE nickel allergy and not self diagnosis.

I'm very happy with my experience, my doctors are happy with it and so are their patients.

Just to be clear, it not only

Just to be clear, it not only implanted woman who have complaints, Implanting Drs have also complained about issues like pregnancies, ejections from tubes and migrations to other parts of the body oh and I can't forget perforations. You may be happy with your implant now, I would be interested in hearing how happy you are In a year or two.

Most of us women will take

Most of us women will take huge offensive to the opinionated statement, " I see a lot of emotion, a lot of unrelated psychosomatic symptoms, and no facts.", that you made. I work in the emergency room and on a DAILY basis I see some one that is having some sort of reaction, side effect from a forgien object being surgically placed! Unfortunately some of these devices suce as heart stents are considered a "life saveing life sustaining" device and Essure is also included in this list! Now when a device is registared as a life saving device the FDA makes it to were no one can even file a law suit so NONE of these women including myself who suffer form the side effects from essure (and when 2000+ women have the same symptoms with only 1 common factor it isnt rocket science to figure the cause of the side effects) have filed a lawsuit the ONLY thing the vast majority of us want is these devices taken off the market and to be seen as the device they are, they still are not 100 or ever 99% effective for preventing pregnancy and yes that can be proven here... . I dont know how much more scince can prove it when a woman is inplanted with records to show the correct placement the 100% conclusive test showing 100% blockage and wham bam thank you mam baby several months later!!!!!! OR my personal favorite also proven on that same site the migration of Essure devices to abdomins or migration to the uterus and also PREFORATION OF THE TUBES COLON STOMACH BLADDER!!!! If it was just one woman complaining yes I mad sit beside you and call them psycotic but how DARE YOU! Just becasue you are part of the 1.9% that doesnt have issues from MY PRESPECTIVE does not give you rights to call us or label my peers in the fashion you did! I see more women WITH ISSUES THEN WITHOUT so YOU are the minority in this matter! PLEASE live ONE HOUR in my body then please say something regaurding this matter! Jennifer Medlin find me on FACEBOOK!!!

I just need to say to any

I just need to say to any woman who is thinking of being implanted with Essure, do your home work! I mean really research, when I was implanted in 2008 the information and web pages that are now available were not there when I was researching. If they had been I would not have even considered the Essure procedure.

I was implanted in 2008, my procedure went as my Dr said it would. I. Was up and back to my regular routine the same day, but what occurred later and the pain I deal with on a daily basis was not disclosed to me even as a possibility. In speaking with my implanting. Dr who no longer performs the Essure procedure because of complications woman were having, was also not told of long term pain. When her patients began having problems the Conceptus Reps were no where to be found. When inquiring how to remove the coils, conceptus gave vague responses. My Dr told me that the money they make doing implantations. Is huge, but the issues were out weighing its worth. She apologized to me several times for what I am going through, she is not the norm. Most Drs deny Essure is the cause for the problems woman are having. I've already. Had one small surgery and I'm in the process of testing to see how much more invasive the next surgery will need to be.. The Essure procedure is mon surgical but the after results are not

Some woman have good results and no adverse events, I don't know any of those woman. Please look at the FDA Maude reports regarding Essure adverse events. My dr reported 3 events herself to the FDA and conceptus.

So please do your homework!

Maria l

I just had my Essure

I just had my Essure placement yesterday. I am 28 years old and have no children. My husband and I have chosen not to have biological children due to health concerns of my own being passed to my children. I did thorough searching for a Dr. that was very familiar with the Essure placement. I chose one that was Essure certified from the Essure website and then searched the dr high and low for reviews on the internet to choose one that had no negative reviews from patients. Do your research people! Don't have a dr do this on you that has little or no experience. My doctor was awesome. I was treated with Valium and a pain shot before the procedure. Yes, it was pretty uncomfortable but not sharp pain. I felt some pretty severe cramping during and after the procedure. One day after the procedure (today) I feel slight cramping, but nothing to complain about. So far so good! I can't wait for three months to pass so I don't have to worry about a daily pill.

Love / hate warry of Essure

Essure done August 2012 confirmation test done right before thanksgiving total thumbs up from the x-ray tech & later from my GYN. The procedure went fairly smoothe way more uncomfortable then I expected but doable. (My female doc had done several, close to 100, procedures) I did spot not terrible but just enough to be annoying for a month & a half. The conformation test was worse with less pain meds (which I'm not a big fan of but hey when you need them you need them). First I was a man which I wasn't expecting. But it started the cramping up then the fullness feeling from the contrasting dye bothered me. 2 day's later after sex spotted / started a period. Totally freaked nobody told me spotting later was a possibility & since me having a period is not normal for me I thought maybe a combination of the x-ray and sex a few days later might have caused some issue called my doctor after hours number and my insurance company's nurse line was told if I'm not hemerging it not an emergency just spotting - which is "normal" - not! Normal for me!
A week later at the appointment where my dotor was supposed to read me my results she said oh yes that was probable just shedding lossened by the catherder and fluid.- uhm ok?
I was 28 with no children took 10 years to find / convince a doctor after many doctors that I was sure. I was sure I don't want children but fearful of the accual medical procedure to make it happen since I've never had any sergeries so I weighted towards the essure, since it is less invasive & no being but under.
So with me being super parinod I did a lot of research. I did come across some sites & blogs against essure but should have dug deeper. The few anti sites were definite anti-choice / women need to be protected from themselves which as most here I can guess understand why I totally disregarded them. The few blogs I read seemed overwhelming vague with multiple general symptoms of changes / differences between before & after the procedure which usually ment on to off various forms of brith control. So in didn't disregard but took into account my personal experience of:
the birth control roller coaster,
different health issues (chronic anxiety & depression that surprisingly has so many direct & indirect symptoms),
acute awareness to my ever changing body
and general concern of any major health issues that might be lerking under all the weird stuff or is it just a crazy accumulation of life itself?
Not so surprisingly I know most women have experienced the above with varing degrees so took the blogs seriously but not the gold standard / only possible outcome.

I consulted with 2 different doctors that would do the procedure that would do the procedure & 3 different NP that would not and where against it only because of the "you'll change your mind" none discussed accual negitave effects of the procedure. Turns out a lot of the issues that in many case can be major are this that are common with other sergical implants. To include allegic reaction that can include physical rejection. Metal allergies where your body because it is place so subcutaniously in/under a lot of soft tissue results in general no specific inflammation (that causes various random uncomfortable symptoms)
Bottom line 6 mths after I stand behind my decision for perminate solution. Generally satisfied with procedure & process but would recommend anyone considering to look at it as not just perminate(duh) as focused on by the medical professionals involved but as a semi- surgical procedure involving a "sergical implant" get a metal allergy test, consider the more invasive tubal litagation where they snip & cotterize (if you can make it happen) and take into cociseration what fixing / removing (NOT reversing) the procedure if you do have undesirable side effects, also get the metal alergy test(yes an extra step but much less then if you can't tollorate nickle) All learned in hindsite by me :-(
I'm not sure what's going on but it ain't good. Not aweful like for some but on my way in a few days to talk to the doc about allergy testing for the metals, why I can feel it during normal sex (not even wild sex / standard missionary in bed vs fun quicky sitting on top on the couch where we go at it but he isn't as deep), why it's cause spotting and the aggravation of other conditions (general systematic inflammation over tasking bodies ability to resond)
Worse case -
Might have to have the coils and tubes removed. Which FYI is possible without a full hisorectomy (unless scare tissue make impossible) as incorrectly informed by medical professional & still perminate serialization.
Best wishes to all hope this helps

I had essure procedure on feb

I had essure procedure on feb 11, 2013. so far so good. i went back to work following day. i had lite spotting the same day of procedure but none the next day i had some cramping but took aleve and i was ok. my dr gave me a depo shot to cover me from getting pregnant during the 3 month time spand.i had no problem finding a essure provider . i did have a hard time trying to get a dr to tie my tubes which led me to essure.i hope in 3 months the dye test will be accurate and i will not able to ever have another baby

My ONLY option

I too have been trying to get sterilized for several years. The doctors who refused caused much pain for my family. I am now 35, have three amazing adopted boys, and even a beautiful grandson. After my first 3 pregnancies failed, I started seeking permanent birth control. No doctor would do it because I had no children and was too young. At that point I guess I became infertile for 12 years. During that time we adopted our children, i earned two degrees...and developed bad health. I had suffered from diabetes since I was 12. In 2009 before we had a name for this terrible disease, I got pregnant again, but was already miscarrying when we found out. I tried to get tubal ligation then but an HSG showed my tubes were completely blocked and was told it would be impossible to get pregnant again. In 2010, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis which what was causing me to have constant severe pain and nausea. In 2011, after vomiting for 20 hours, I had a heart attack. With all my health problems, my fertility was out of my mind. January 2012, a week after my son's wedding and seeing my grandson on the ultrasound, a gastroparesis episode sent me to the ER....where I discovered I was pregnant AGAIN ....the 5th time. With all my health problems, I knew there was no chance to carry to term, but I still hoped. After losing that one, I was working hard to get fixed. My husband and I were ultra cautious. Because of my severe health, all of my doctors advised against using the pill. I had to go through all these test before I could get a tubal ligation. By May, I was pregnant again. To top it off, because I kept failing the stress test, my OB said tubal ligation was not an option. All the fighting I had done with my insurance company to get it approved and my stupid body hates me. My husband offered to get a vasectomy only to discover insurance won't cover it so we started saving money. My OB (who also delivered my grandson) felt Essure was my best option. My Medicare kicked in this January. He started working with a team to make sure we can avoid complications. . My Medicare plan covers the procedure 100%, so that means we can use the money we saved for something fun.This is really my only option. I am having my procedure in about 30 hours. After reading some of the problems, I'm really nervous. I know that I cannot handle another pregnancy, physically or emotionally. I think I can handle any other complication but that. I deal with severe pain and nausea on a daily basis. I've always had problems with my periods. I'm just going to say a little prayer and hope that just once, something medical will actually work out for me

Hope you are ok!

Wow!! What a brave woman you are , hope everything is well with you. Dud you get the procedure done? I had mine done yesterday I had mild bleeding and cramping yesterday. Today I feel good just cramping but nothing that Motrin can't take care of.

Essure: 2009

My daughter (2nd child) was born 12/2008 - I had my procedure 06/2009 - quick, in office procedure local anesthetic and valium and pain meds - Unfortunately I suffer from muscle spasms pretty bad anyway (forgot to take muscle relaxer before procedure), the first tube started spazzing (painful!!!) so he stopped went to the other tube and waited for the spasm to subside - finished...the only reason I got sick - was too much pain med on empty stomach...nearly four years and couldn't be happier - no more birth control!!!!!! yaaaaay!!!!! Luckily my insurance pays "Outpatient" surgeries and surgical procedures @ 100%.....

Essure in ObamaCare

Essure in ObamaCare ACA

The Essure procedure and the Essure Confirmation Test (modified HSG) are included in the women’s preventive benefit coverage under the contraceptive services provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Starting on or after August 1, 2012, (depending on when a patient’s private health plan renews), many women will have access to the Essure Procedure without any out of pocket expense, deductibles or co-pays.

Accurately Verify ACA Coverage of Essure:

Since insurance plans vary, continue to verify patient benefits prior to the procedure by calling the number listed on the back of the insurance card.

Stay Away From Essure!

I got the Essure procedure done in 2007 and my health has progressively gotten worse ever since! The doctors fail to tell some women all of the possible side effects, and also fail to do nickel allergy tests to see if the coils would even be compatible with the woman. There wasn't much research to find when I got mine placed. The doctor told me how wonderful the procedure was and how it was non- surgical, blah blah blah... Well, his 10 minute procedure took an excruciatingly painful 3 hours after the camera broke inside me and he blindly inserted the coils. Then, the follow up HSG test , which was equally excruciating, was botched as they forgot to write down the correct measurements of the coils in my tubes, so I had to have it done again a few weeks later. Soon after that, I moved to another town and lost my health insurance. My symptoms began. Extremely painful periods with heavy bleeding and clots, coming every 2 weeks, debilitating cramps, severe hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, memory fog, skin rashes, shortness of breath, chest pains with heart palpitations, bladder infections, painful intercourse, lack of sex drive, depression, irritability...the list goes on. I belong to a group of about 2000 other women who have the exact same problems, none of which started until after the Essure procedure! For some women, they get the procedure done and never have a problem, but for some others, it has basically robbed us of our lives, and our families are also suffering! I cannot afford to get the coils removed, so I suffer daily. Essure is NOT the way to go!! PLEASE, if you are reading this, DO NOT GET THIS PROCEDURE DONE!

Just had Essure

I had the Essure procedure done yesterday. The pain only lasted a few hours after being released. Everything was done in the doctors office and all I paid out of pocket was $45.00 copay (I have Bluecross). I have already returned to work and I feel great. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for sterilization and in fact have already done so.

Hooray Planned Parenthood!

PP is now offering the Essure procedure, and most health insurances cover it in its entirety if through their organization. I just had it done in Michigan on Plan First (a women-only form of reproductive Medicaid). No cost to me, no side effects, and in three months - freedom!

Essure worked for me

I had my essure procedure done at a surgical center and I was heavily sedated, because I hadn't had children before, so they had to dilate my cervix manually. I am VERY glad because it seems all the horror stories are about people who had it done in a doctor's office with minimal anesthesia. The doctor told me everything was placed flawlessly, and I had my confirmation test this past Tuesday, and could see that I was all closed up. This has been a good experience for me, and I am just glad to be worry-free now.

Still "surre" you like it??

I absolutely loved my Essure. I got it after my 4th child in 2010. I told everyone I could about this procedure because it worked so well with NO side effects. 3 and a half years later I started gaining weight, having hot flashes, lowering of sex drive, irritable, heavy clotted bleeding, bad acne on neck and chin area, and brain fog, which has been the worst for me because I am forgetting EVERYTHING. I thought I was losing my mind. I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was because my hormones were out of wack from having another baby. I was in my early 20s with my first 3, and had the fourth at 30. Maybe it's just harder to bounce back at my age? So for the last year and a half of having these symptoms and not connecting the dots, my ob/gyn noticed my thyroid was enlarged so I had it tested and an ultra sound. He said the levels were low and we will keep an eye on it, come back in 6 months. I was not pleased with the answer, so I went to an endocrinologist and ran more tests and discussed getting on birth control to"level out" my hormones. I was satisfied with the plan, because he was a very good doctor and explained how my thyroid works and it seemed to make sense that my symptoms were caused by thyroid issues. Less than 1 week later I saw that a close friend posted a story about Essure on Facebook. I figured I better read it since I have it. It led me to the group EssureProblems, were I found women with the EXACT same symptoms as me. It finally made sense. I felt SO relieved that it wasn't just me and that there was a reason for all the physical mental and emotional turmoil. I have been POISONED by essure. Many of the women with problems have extreme physical pain. You cant see my pain, it has affected my brain and I can tell. My husband one day said What is wrong with you, your not the same person any more. It broke my heart! I now have to go through a surgery, the ONE THING I was trying to avoid when I decided to have this procedure done. I am having a full hysterectomy done in 2 days. Im scared and angry that doctors and drug companies continue to endanger women because all they really care about is the $$. So for all the women that are not having problems yet, I wish you nothing but good! I hope it continues to do what it is supposed to with out making you sick. But be aware of the symptoms because you never know when they may show up. And when they do, we are here for you because we know EXACTLY what you are going through.


Hi Ladies,
I'm a Chicago Tribune reporter and I'm writing on Essure. If you'd like to share your story --or discuss obstacles to obtaining permanent birth control -- please send me an email at


I have been trying for a baby

I have been trying for a baby for the last 5 years now and we have had no luck.I don't have a regular cycle so it is hard for me to tell when i am ovulating or not, but we always have sex at least 2 times a week, sometimes more. I know it can take up to a year to conceive but everyone i know who have had a baby have conceived within 2-3 months of trying, we had a fertility test about a year ago and my womb were fine. I'm thinking it could be a problem with me but I've never had any symptoms of any problems. My partner does smoke and have the occasional drink, and i used to smoke and also have the occasional drink. i know i am slightly overweight but that shouldn't affect our chances too much,one faithful day my friend told me to contact a spell caster that help her aunt ,then i contact the man on this email:, after few weeks the doctor confirm that i am pregnant thank you DR Fiokpor for helping us get a baby. he specialize in so many things, contact him and tell him any problems you having he will find you a solution

Essure pregnancies and hell

I almost had this procedure done. The way my Dr. talked it up, who wouldn't chose this procedure over a tubal litigation, but there are a number of things u aren't told. 1st of all, doctors are not required to report the side effects of the Essure procedure, such as, severe pain and headaches, yes headaches. Also the pieces of Nickel containing metal may break off and puncture your tubes, uterus, or your other organs. Your body may completely expel this product as well. This product is considered a level 3 something or another and Federal laws prevent you from suing if you end up with a puncture even to a nearby organ or have to have it removed. Check out the Facebook page, Essure problems or do your research on Essure thoroughly. I have a well-known and well-documented allergy to contrast dye, and I wasn't told this dye would be used to check to make sure the Essure product was kept in place. I was told so much Bullshit about this product, so look into it. Thank God I didn't make this mistake!!

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