No Love for Love Land

Just three days after the BBC (and MSNBC and Reuters and The Guardian and…) ran a story about the October-slated opening of China’s first sex theme park, China Daily announced that the ‘scandalous’ park was halted, indefinitely. Lu Xiaoqing, the park’s manager, wanted the park to be a combination of “sex education and harmonious sex.” He claimed that he had widespread community support, but the Chongqing government found the park to be “vulgar, ill-minded, and misleading.” So they tore it down.

It’s hard to say what this park may have been were it to have been allowed to open, though the supposedly enticing entryway statue of only half a woman makes me skeptical that the park would be inviting for the ladies. Media accounts report statues of nude men and women, genitalia replicas, an exhibition on the history of sex, and workshops on sexual techniques and safer sex. Some felt the park would be good for prompting conversations, tolerance, and positive attitudes about sex, while others felt Love Land would make them lose their lunch. Sadly, I guess we’ll never know.

If you’re, ahem, up for it, there is a Love Land on South Korea’s Jeju Island. Here’s a sneak peek that shows some tourists being… well, tourists.

by Mandy Van Deven
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Jeju Island is South Korea's

Jeju Island is South Korea's honeymoon destination, so Love Land is supposed to be a fun place for newlyweds to go... It's located in a rural spot a good 20 minute drive from the nearest town, so it's not like you walk or drive past it on the way to school or work. It's also set back from the road, and the park itself is behind a large wall, so you can't see anything graphic unless you buy a ticket.

And while the souvenir shop does have comical sex-themed gifts, you can't actually buy sex-toys there - at least that I saw. It's actually full of artisan crafts like handmade jewelry.

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