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It’s not too late–get four redesigned issues of Bitch at the old price and support us directly by subscribing! In fact, if you subscribe by this Friday, you’ll be entered in a drawing along with the rest of the Bitch 500 to win a free Bitch tote full of goodies including Snarky Cards, a Flapper Girl coffee cozy, fiction by Alexandra Leggat and more! It’s our way of saying thanks!

But we’re not done yet–encourage your friends or family to subscribe (or buy them one yourself)! For those of you who say you love to buy Bitch on the newsstand, here’s a little pop quiz for you: How many cents of every dollar you spend on an issue of Bitch at the bookstore or newsstand goes toward paying expenses like our staff, writers, and rent?

Is it:
A) 90 cents
B) 75 cents
C) 15 cents
D) less than 1 cent


If you guessed “D,” you’re right.

Depressing but true: After paying for printing, postage, and distribution, Bitch gets less than 7 cents for each issue we send to stores. That’s just $.009 of each dollar you spend.

Lots of you have told us you love to support Bitch by buying it at your favorite local bookstore or magazine shop. And as much as we love that you support independent book and magazine sellers, the fact of the matter is that buying your magazine at the store benefits the newsstand industry much more than it does Bitch.

But! If you subscribe to Bitch, almost all your money goes directly to pay for the production of your favorite magazine. No middle people, no random surcharges. And what that means is a better-funded magazine with a stronger future. More subscribers today means more issues of Bitch in the future.

And that’s why we’re coming to you today — to ask you to join the Bitch 500. As many of you know, Bitch is relaunching this September with an awesome revamped design, great new features, and lots more to come over the next year. We’re also raising our subscription price from $19.95 for four issues to $24.95. But before we do that, we’re striving to snag 500 new subscribers at the old price. Subscribe or renew your existing subscription by August 17, and you’ll get a year of the new, improved Bitch at the old, wallet-friendly price.

It’s a deal, right? Right! So don’t just subscribe for yourself — tell a friend. Tell two friends. Tell all the friends you’ve got.

Take the Bitch 500 pledge and subscribe today! Friends don’t let friends buy Bitch at the store!

by Jaymee Jacoby
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