Oh Joy Sex Toy: A New Sex Toy Review Comic

Erika Moen
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I’ve been producing webcomics since I was 15 and doing it full-time as a professional since the age of 25 at Periscope Studio in Portland, OR. My work has been published by Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, Image Comics, Fantagraphics, Last Gasp and Villard, among my many self-published projects as well.

My passion for everything relating to the world of sex is rivaled only by my love of comics.

Really, it was only a matter of time before I’d combine these two topics to bring you, dear perverts, a weekly comic sharing my experiences with everything the sex industry has to offer. Toys, workshops, birth control, I wanna talk about it all. With the aid of guest reviewers, this comic will cover products for ALL the different anatomies people posses, from vulvas to penises and beyond. 


Oh Joy Sex Toy comic

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I hope you feature strap-on

I hope you feature strap-on dildos (and maybe "The Masturbators" will use them). This comic looks great!


While I like the idea of this comic, immediately calling me and others "perverts" for using sex toys really makes me sad, Erika. I get called "pervert" for just expressing my own sexuality as a lesbian, so having it thrown at me in a comic that's supposed to be inclusive is a little hard to swallow. Lots of people shy away from using sex toys just because of this very misconception -- that you have to be perverted to use them or be interested in them. I just don't see why it's necessary to perpetuate a negative stereotype. Sorry, but it rubs me the wrong way (ha).

I've seen perv/pervert used

I've seen perv/pervert used quite a bit in sex positive blogs (especially kinky ones) as a sort of reclaiming thing (much like slut, or, ya know, bitch!).

Looking forward to this!

Labeling others is never a

Labeling others is never a happy thing -- while it's great that people can use words like "bitch" "slut" or even "pervert" to refer to THEMSELVES, it really shouldn't be an imposed label on those that take offense to it. Just like I wouldn't mind being called a dyke, but if I called someone else the same word and they told me they were offended by its use I wouldn't say "No, no, it's okay because we're taking it back!" That's just an offense on top of an offense. You can personally not be offended by something, but you can't tell someone else what they can and can't be offended by. I'm offended by "pervert" because it only has negative associations for me, and even in the dictionary version of it it's pretty debasing to those that enjoy sex -- calling me a pervert for liking sex and sex toys is the surest way for me to lose respect for you.

I know this comic TRYING to promote sex positivity and god knows I talk about it a lot in my day to day and I am telling you, as I mentioned before, a lot of people shy away from sex and sex toys because they are afraid of being labelled "perverts" by others. Being a pervert may not be a crime, but it's a very real concern for a lot of people, especially LGBT people who are labelled such hurtfully just for being their own gender or sexuality. All in all, I just wish Erika would think a little before she labelled entire groups or her audience -- and I hope she changes that word in the comic, too. It's not one I want to see staring up at me when I'm trying to be happy about sex, not be branded yet again for enjoying it.

Agreed on all points.

Agreed on all points.

So Excited!

I am so excited about this comic! Erika's art and writing style seems quite perfect for an accessible sex-positive comic exploring sex toys. She brings a huge insight into women's sexuality, queer embodiment, sex positivity, toy positivity and body diversity! Yahoo! Can't wait to read more!
-An excited pervert.

I liked very much your comic

<p>I liked very much your comic style
You're very good!!</p>

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