Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Fleshlight

Erika Moen
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I’ve been producing webcomics since I was 15 and doing it full-time as a professional since the age of 25 at Periscope Studio in Portland, OR. My work has been published by Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, Image Comics, Fantagraphics, Last Gasp and Villard, among my many self-published projects as well.

Each week on Oh Joy Sex Toy, Erika Moen digs into a different part of the sex industry. This week, she tests out a Fleshlight. 

comic about the fleshlight sex toy

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9 Comments Have Been Posted

That "don't give it the

That "don't give it the satisfaction" panel is HILARIOUS.

I know a blurb was written on

I know a blurb was written on this site about Erika Moen's comic fetishizing trans* people, but it seems like no one cares anymore. I'm not a trans man but I can still clearly understand why many trans men were offended by that. I think that comic was truly horrifying and unforgivable and I don't know why Bitch and some of its readers are choosing to ignore it.

Uh, link?

Not that I'm doubting there was a there there, but since the comic you refer to obviously wasn't one of the comics hosted by Bitch (I clicked through them and failed to find one even mentioning transfolks), I don't which one you're referring to, or where it's hosted or reachable to view and see what you're talking about. Did you stop to think that perhaps much of the readership is ignoring it because they don't know it's there?

Either give us a title or a link so we know which one you're talking about. When making an argument like this, being precise and citing the specific source for the offense (rather than just the author of it and an extremely vague and nonspecific description of the TOPIC of offense rather than a detailed account of the actual material that was offensive, and how and why it was offensive) is extremely helpful. Otherwise, how are we supposed to engage on the subject at all?

It's also okay to forgive

It's also okay to forgive people.

Okay, I took the bait on this

Okay, I took the bait on this and looked that up, and found the comic from THREE YEARS AGO now topped with a letter of apology from Erika, stating that she understands her ignorance, has worked to educate herself and examine her privilege, is keeping the comic up both for continuity and for transparency, and that she is very very sorry about it.

It's your problem, and not that of Bitch magazine or its readers, if you are still finding her transgression unforgivable. I'd suggest you attempt to have the self-possession to not click on Erika's content here. Internet's a big place. Plenty of places for you and your everlasting butthurt to go.

a reader who can comprehend what she reads.

someone please explain

Can someone explain why the trans comic is offensive? I'm being serious. Thanks!

You gotta be trollin for some

You gotta be trollin for some attention there my friend. There is a beautiful letter of apology at both the top and bottom of the comic in question, and I really respect her decision to keep it up along with the letter - it shows a lot of willingness to learn and maturity in taking responsibility for her words. I'll respect anyone a hell of a lot more if they choose to change their mind, even if they are bigots,rather than a rigid-thinking radical and I see an unwillingness in you to change your mind about the issue in question that is a lot more reminiscent of the latter rather than the former. Maybe it's time to let it go and move on?

I really don't get why it's

I really don't get why it's thought to be offensive. People should stop overreacting and getting offended at everything, it's such a waste of energy.

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