Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Internal Condom

Erika Moen
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I’ve been producing webcomics since I was 15 and doing it full-time as a professional since the age of 25 at Periscope Studio in Portland, OR. My work has been published by Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, Image Comics, Fantagraphics, Last Gasp and Villard, among my many self-published projects as well.

Each week, artist Erika Moen explores some aspect of sex and reports back on the result for Oh Joy Sex Toy. This week: The internal condom! 

a comic about the internal condom

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Here is a text transcription of the comic to make it more accessible for people using screen readers. Transcription by Morgan Kelly.  

Erika introduces this comic, “One of you Dear Perverts sent Matthew and me a whole bunch of internal condoms! Specifically, the FC2 Female Condom.” Below, a diagram indicates “The Deets” of the FC2 Female Condom, including price, material, shape, and effectiveness. “With perfect use: 95% effective. With typical use: 79% effective.”

“The Internal Condom is a pouch that is inserted into the vagina for intercourse. It can also be used anally, but we went the vaginal route so that’s the perspective we’ll be taking in this review.” Erika provides a diagram of an internal condom inserted into a vagina, the diagram indicates the following: the internal condom, vagina, cervix, vulva, labia minora, clitoris, pubic bone, bladder, and anus.

Erika next provides directions for insertion, “Add some lube to the outside of condom. Squeeze the closed-end ring. Push inside vagina, past pubic bone. Open end remains outside, covering vulva. Add lube to penis, insert into vagina. Have fun!”

Matthew explains, “This was brand new territory for us, neither of us had ever actually seen one of these in real life before.” Erika adds, “Because of my inexperience and exceptionally short fingers, I found putting it in deep enough to be a bit of a challenge. But that’s totally something more practice would correct. And once you’ve inserted the inside ring, you can also use your partner’s cock to push it deeper if you’ve got nubby little hands like I do.”

Matthew jumps in to say, “It does feel better on your dick. One hundred times better feeling than an ultra thin external condom. With an external condom, the penis is completely wrapped up, so there’s less friction on your dick. The condom absorbs most of that action, not you. With the internal condom, however, it’s loosely lining the vaginal walls. As you’re fucking, there’s actual friction on your cock. Which feels wonderful! With enough lube, I would even say it’s ALMOST as good as bareback. And that’s saying something!” Erika shrugs and says, “No complaints from me! It didn’t make much difference to me one way or the other.”

Matthew says, “But I gotta be honest, I did not find the internal condom to be a romantic sign. Chalk it up to watching a lot of porn, but I find an external condom to be quite a pleasant sight. Almost like cock decoration that says-“ Then a penis wearing a condom winks and says, “Hey baby, we’re about to fuck.” Matthew continues, “When you look down, you see a loose bag around your dick and, sure, it feels good, but it’s no visual treat. From the outside, the internal condom looks like a large version of the knotted part of a balloon. That you… slip your penis into.”

Matthew raises his shoulders and says, “…And honestly, it’s a turn off. For me.” Erika says, “But that’s just because you’re not used to seeing it. It they showed up in porn and were as common as external condoms, it wouldn’t have been so visually jarring for you.” Matthew agrees, “Yeah, that’s true.”

Erika asks, “So will we use them again?” Matthew says, “Well… probably not. We don’t need to use barrier protection (we’re fluid-bonded, and use an IUD for contraception) and the internal condom didn’t bring anything new to our sexy times – (unlike an external condom, which can be fun to wear when you want to last a long time or have some sexy role play where you pretend to be strangers!).”

Erika concludes this comic by adding, “But they are excellent for other couples who are looking for an alternative to external condoms.” Erika includes a list of “Internal Condom Pros”:

•Can be inserted long before any sexy times start, so you don’t need to interrupt anything to put on protection.

•Latex Free.

•Penis does not need to be erect for the condom to be effective (good option for people who have trouble maintain erections).

•Increased sensation for the penis-haver.

•Empowers the vagina-haver to be in charge of protecting themselves, not dependent on the other partner to use protection.

•Can be used during menstruation.


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I found the external ring to offer truly delightful external stimulation too! I'm a girl, with a sensitive clit.

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for this!!!! I don't like birth control pills, and regular condoms suck for my dude. He much prefers these and so do I. Yes they're annoying to put in, but not as annoying as birth control side effects, unwanted babies or STD's. I wish more people knew about these.

What about the female O

Seems like external clitoral stimulation, necessary for about 70% of female orgasms, is a lot more difficult with that giant blanket covering the labia, clitoris, etc. Might feel better for the guys, but let's face it; a man that can't make you O, will not be with you very long. It seems like a lot to sacrifice just so it feels "better" for him

that's assuming you dont use

that's assuming you dont use a vibrator on your clit during intercourse. i use the lelo lily because it's the perfect shape :)

same feeling in an external condom

There is a "model" put out by Trojan that has that same loose feeling but in an external condom. They are essentially the same thing, except the open end is narrower and designed to go over the penis.
They the best condoms I've ever tried (male).

They are called "Trojan, Naked Sensations, Ultra Ribbed".

The only thing I'm not liking is that the lube is the most hydrophobic I've seen and kind of sticks to you a bit.

anal sex

I have heard of these having increased advantage/pleasure using these with anal sex.. which inceases protection so significantly that I would like to know more.. plus it looks at being more inclusive, educationally.

We teach people at my

We teach people at my university that they're great for anal as long as you remove the inner ring! When there's no cervix for it to sit around like there is in vaginal sex, the ring gets in the way. Have fun!


It showed up in Sweden a couple years ago and quickly got the name femidom :) Never tried one but I like the name :P

Any thoughts on using two

Any thoughts on using two internal condoms, one vaginally and one anally in order to go back and forth more hygienically. I've had similar thoughts about using two for an FFM threesome to facilitate going back and forth between the two females.

Oh, what an awesome thought!

Oh, what an awesome thought! Genius.

I tried femidoms when going

I tried femidoms when going from the pill to FAM, as my boyfriend at the time couldn't use condoms and I have serious problems with spermicide so other barrier methods were a no-go for us. For me it wasn't great that time, simply because I laughed so hard at what felt like inserting a trash bag up my vagina that I fell off the bed and seriously injured my leg...but hey, at least it worked in not getting me pregnant, right? Now I'd take a femidom over condoms any day.

Some other pluses...in theory they're more reliable than condoms for protecting against unwanted pregnancy as there's less risk of tearing and no having to pull out straight after ejaculation, they cover more of the genitals so give extra STI/STD protection compared to condoms, and they definitely feel better...not as restrictive for him and he doesn't have to pull out straight away, and it's not like you're fucking a dildo for you, and for you both they conduct heat better.

I've used this once, and

I've used this once, and didn't like it. I was the one wearing it, and maybe we were doing it wrong, but we could hear the sound of a plastic bag the whole time. I'm not a fan, but it seems popular by everyone else on this blog. Maybe I have to give it another go?

it may have been the original

it may have been the original FC, that was much crinklier and really annoying, and also stuck to the penis some even with lots of lube.

FC2 is great original FC... not so much

I got some of these from the student health center at my college, because we were having lots of issues with traditional condoms. I'm not sure if I would have paid for them, as they are quite expensive. I didn't notice at the time, but in the handful I grabbed were a few of the original FCs. Luckily we used the FC2 first, because the original FC sucked and might be why many people have a negative opinion of internal condoms. Even with tons of lube the FC1 sorta clung to my penis so that on the out thrust it almost pulled out. No bueno. If we had used that first we may have given up on the whole thing. That said, the FC2 was a life saver for me in that relationship. Using regular condoms is just so much worse than unprotected, I'm always amazed at those surveys that say most men don't think there is a difference.

For me the issue is the

For me the issue is the crinkle noises, it kills spontaneity even more than a traditional condom, and they are easy to "miss" - requiring a couple attempts. That decreases the STI prevention. Great idea.

For me the issue is the

For me the issue is the crinkle noises, it kills spontaneity even more than a traditional condom, and they are easy to "miss" - requiring a couple attempts. That decreases the STI prevention. Great idea.

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