Oh Joy Sex Toy: Yeast Infections

Erika Moen
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I’ve been producing webcomics since I was 15 and doing it full-time as a professional since the age of 25 at Periscope Studio in Portland, OR. My work has been published by Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, Image Comics, Fantagraphics, Last Gasp and Villard, among my many self-published projects as well.

Oh Joy Sex Toy is a weekly comics series that graphically explores sex and sexuality. In this week’s comic, Erika explores the icky world of yeast infections. 

a comic about yeast infections

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Here is a text transcription of the comic to make it more accessible for people using screen readers. Transcription by Morgan Kelly.  

This comic begins with a person approaching Erika saying excitedly, “Ok, Erika! I’ve brought my favorite baking ingredients and my apron’s on! Let’s get today’s comic on Feast Confections and Candies started!” Erika starts, “Ooooooooh dear, I think you mis-heard me.” Erika throws her hands in the air, “We’re actually talking about the much less yummy Yeast Infections and Candidiasis.” The person scowls, “Shoot. I was ready to bake. Okay, so what IS Candidiasis?” Erika responds, “It is a super common and unpleasant fungal infection that can strike a variety of body parts, from mouths to toenails to genitals.”

Erika explains, “This comic is specifically about the vaginal kind, which is called a Yeast Infection. The vagina is naturally full of benign micro-organisms that live harmoniously inside that warm little ecosystem.” The accompanying illustration depicts a group of microorganisms happily singing, “We are family! Yay! I luv u guys.” Erika continues, “But when your vaginal acidity becomes unbalanced, the ever-present fungus Candida Albicans can grow out of control, resulting in a yeast infection.”

“This fancy fungus is the Mogwai of the vagina.” Erika holds a small cute Mogwai from the film Gremlins. “It’s harmless like the rest of the bacteria and microbes living in there – until something triggers it into becoming a horrible gremlin, wrecking havoc in your hoohah!” The cute Mogwai suddenly becomes a monstrous gremlin. The Person shields themself, “Agh! Cootch Gremlins!”

As the person smacks the Gremlin, they ask, “What are the symptoms???” Erika replies, “The biggest telltale sign is abnormal vaginal discharge that is unusually thick, white, and chunky. But there are other clues to watch out for too, like:

• Swelling and redness of labia or vagina.

• Sore and itchy labia or vagina.

• Pain or burning while peeing.

• Pain with penetration.

“Yeast Infections don’t mess around, if you’ve got one brewing you’ll KNOW something is up.” The person says, “Good lord! What on earth could cause such a gremlin attach on my genitals?” Erika replies, “There are SO MANY potential causes! An unbalanced diet, a pre-exiting STI, antibiotics, hormonal birth control, pregnancy, a weak or compromised immune system, wiping back to front after dropping a deuce, douching, tight un-breathing undergarments…”

“Personally, I have these rad-as-fuck gold leggings that I just can’t wear any more because the suffocating synthetic material would guarantee a yeast infection every single time I wore them.” Erika is seen wearing her gold leggings, prancing in a cloud of glitter, “I’m so shiny!” However, Erika’s crotch frowns in discomfort, “I can’t BREATHE!” Erika then scowls, “Oh rad gold leggings. I wear you in my dreams.

The person gasps, “Ahhh, terrifying!! So what do I do if I think I’ve got one?” Erika says, “Well, if it’s your first time experiencing those symptoms, go to your doctor first. If you use over-the-counter treatments and it turns out you don’t actually have a yeast infection, you might reduce the effectiveness of the medication when you for realsies DO have one. OR you could even introduce ANOTHER infection into your hoohah by messing with that finely turned ecosystem even further.”

Erika continues, “Doctors know best. You’ll either be prescribed an oral medication, like Diflucan or recommended an over-the-counter treatment like Monistat or Gyne-Lotrimin which is a cream or ovule your insert straight up into your vagina with a thin tube.”

The person then asks, “What if you’ve done the yeast infection tango before?”
 Erika replies, “If you know you’ve got it without a doubt, just go straight to picking up the over-the-counter stuff at your local pharmacy.”

Erika continues, “To help speed recover along, you can also help reset your vagina’s bacterial ecosystem by consuming un-sweetened cranberry juice with water, cranberry tablets (like Cran-Actin), natural yogurt with live cultures, or refrigerator-stored acidophilus tablets (room-temperature ones are less effective).” Erika includes a note here, “tl;dr CRANBERRIES.”

“A bad infection can hurt A LOT.” An upset vulva runs past Erika, waving its arms, “Haroooooo.” The person asks, “Is there anything you can do about the pain?” Erika says, “First off, take a painkiller. The over-the-counter treatments include a tube of soothing cream to use externally on your vulva and labia to relieve the discomfort.

Erika and the person then rub cream on the upset vulva as it sighs happily, “ahhh.” Erika continues, “I’ve also heard that you can apply organic or plain yogurt to your bits to provide creamy relief, though I haven’t tried it personally. If you don’t have any cream, put a cold washcloth between your labia. An ice pack against your cootch to bring down swelling can also help.”

The person asks, “When is it ok to get frisky with your partner again?” Erika responds, “While your vulva and vagina are recovering stay well-away from it! Penetration can prolong the swelling and irritation, and the vaginal medication can damage barriers like condoms. Wait seven days after your symptoms are gone.”

The person exclaims, “Bluh! This is all so gross.” Erika says, “Aw buck up, a yeast infection sucks super hard, but it’s not the end of the world. They are super common, curable, and just part of owning your otherwise fantastic genitals.”

Erika then notices a gremlin chasing after a vulva as the person helps Erika load a medication applicator. Erika says, “I know you’ll be ITCHING to be over it right away but with proper treatment, your body will RISE to the occasion and kick that infection to the curb in about a week.” Erika launches the medication at the gremlin and hits it with a “THOOMP.” Erika concludes, “Just stay strong and patient – it’s the YEAST you can do!”



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Cranberries are for UTIs, Garlic for YIs

Cranberry juice (unsweetened) is more likely to be used for a urinary tract infection.

My fave OTC yeast infection solution is to peel a clove of garlic and stick it right up there by my cervix and replace it every 24 hours or if it comes out (like if you bear down to poop, for instance). If you want to, you can cut the outside slightly with your fingernail. And no, it doesn't sting, though your cooch will smell like a caesar salad. :)

Slippery Elm bark made into a sludge with water is very soothing to the external genitalia.

But in an emergency, one tablet of Diflucan is totally worth the price.

YI infections

This is a great post, thank you for covering this topic. In addition to the other possible causes you mentioned above, I'd like to add diabetes as a potential cause for yeast infections. I had ongoing yeast infections for about a year before I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Just something to keep in mind if the infections are continuous (and perhaps coupled with weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination, and high levels of thirst).

DIY YI Relief

I've tried many natural/home remedies and the best is to go to your natural food store and buy grape seed extract in pill form. Totally worth it, you can use part of the bottle you purchase and save the rest for the next time (which hopefully will never come). An awesome and easy/natural reliever of itchiness is to use coconut oil like lotion down yonder. It has antimicrobial properties and smells nice. I have also tried using a whole garlic clove...fragrant but effective, and the garlic clove can turn a crazy teal color! It won't get stuck, don't worry. I've also tried using natural yogurt and tea tree oil, both effective but more difficult to administer.

Boric acid vaginal

Boric acid vaginal suppositories are the way to go when it comes to treating yeast infections. Unfortunately, you usually have to buy the boric acid and empty capsules and make them yourself. But this really works and you should totally explore this if you get yeast infections frequently, like I did. Multiple doctors have recommended this to me. Note that boric acid is toxic if consumed orally.

Yeast infection

Had one for two years. It burned like acid. Tried everything... Yes, everything. One of my favorite things to do was to buy liquid aacidophilus and make frozen vag pops with them. Very soothing. A very important gynecologist after treating me for months stated maybe I'm allergic to myself and proposed surgery to tighten me up like a virgin. I stopped seeing her. I then stopped consuming dairy and eggs. The eggs and the casien in dairy feed yeast. After six weeks I was only screaming in pain once a month instead of every day. After several months..pain free!
My body still has not regulated itself. It has been over 9 years. I have dairy and eggs every once and a while, but not with any regularity.
I hope this may help someone who has tried everything...

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