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We're back again with another edition of On Our Radar - bringing you some of the most interesting things we read this week!

  • Riddhi Shaw takes a look at the misogynistic and homophobic undertones of Bros Icing Bros on Broadsheet. The drinking game, wherein a bro (never a female, and never gay) surprises another bro with a warm bottle of Smirnoff Ice and forces him to chug it, has garnered national media attention in recent weeks.
  • Jessica Wakeman interviews the always fabulous Margaret Cho on The Frisky.
  • Over at Sociological Images, Gwen Sharp writes on the the hypersexualization of Latino boys.
  • South Korea's newest proposed method of psychological warfare against North Korea? According to Foreign Policy blogger Blake Hounshell, it's blasting music by all-girl pop groups into the demilitarized zone.
  • Rose Afriyie at Feministing weighs the negative and postitives aspects of the new VH1 reality show "Dad Camp".
  • Sady Doyle  C.L. Minou opines on Tiger Beatdown about "Mr. Soon-To-Be-Faceless-Cog-In-The-Matriarchy" Ross Douchehat's (whoops, Douthat!) New York Times' Op-Ed piece on how feminism is over or something (or, "consolidated its gains"?!) because a bunch of conservative women won U.S. primary races.
  • On the Ms. Magazine blog, Ruth Rosen questions whether special "women's sections" like Salon's Broadsheet and Slate's Double X are good or bad for the success women's news.

Find something that piqued your interest this week? Leave it in the comments section!

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Margaret Cho On Your Radar

i loved the blog article and interview of Maragaret Cho by Jessica Wakemen at the Frisky which you linked above. i agree with you that Margaret Cho is <b>fabulous</b>, am on her email list and subscribed to her YouTube channel. i noticed when checking <a href="http://www.margaretcho.com/content/tour/" rel="nofollow">Margaret' tour schedule</a> that she will be in Portland, Oregon on August 26th.

Yet another beer ad on my nerves.

I'm suprised no one has said anything about the Blue Light (beer) commercials. I was willing to swallow the whole 'scantily clad beer-hocking women' thing as another douchey notch on the bedpost of sleazy beer ads, but i recently heard on the radio the slogan for the campaign, which says that the women are there to "Serve and refresh." Okay...um...serve? Conventionally attractive skinny women in skin-clinging outfits who give lap dances and slide down poles in the name of beer who, for the purposes of the ad, exist to serve drunk men.

Oh, and refresh.

Just thought I'd say...

...that it's C.L. Minou who wrote that article on Ross Douthat, not Sady Doyle.


Thanks for pointing that out!

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