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Phew! This week saw lots of compelling internet content, including the following:

  • Queerty speaks of the problems with intersex kids’ parents choosing their gender identities for them.
  • NPR, and Jos at Feministing, remind us of “Why BMI is bogus.” Woo-hoo!
  • cate j at Questioning Transphobia explores the assumptions behind declaring “Welcome to womanhood.”
  • “That’s Gay“ ‘s Bryan Safi talks about THAT KISS on Glee.
  • Did you catch Byron Hurt’s piece “Why I Am a Black Male Feminist” on The Root? G.D. responds at Feministe and PostBourgie.
  • ABC reports on this week’s violent outburst by a famous domestic abuser. You’re probably sick of hearing his name, but I’ll just say it sounds like “Fris Frown.” (via Jessica Valenti). Jay Smooth has also made a video in response.
  • The Korea Herald explains Cambodia’s recent limitations on foreign marriage. (via Racialicious)
  • Sure, the late Nate Dogg was a beloved rapper, but… ColorLines reminds readers of the performer’s more problematic legacies.
  • At Womanist Musings, Renee calls for George Lopez to apologize for his transphobic remarks toward Wendy Williams–not just his fatphobic remarks toward Kirstie Alley.
  • At Global Comment, Tiger Beatdown’s Sady Doyle discusses the Wal-Mart lawsuit saga.
  • Jeff Biggers writes about Arizona’s disturbing budget cuts and Ethnic Studies ban, and about the documentary Precious Knowledge.
  • Got plans this Sunday? Bitch Flicks looks forward to the Mildred Pierce miniseries’ debut!
  • Speaking of anticipation: who’s looking forward to the release of Bumped by Megan McCafferty? I am, I am! Check out Phoebe North’s insightful review in which she describes the dystopian satire as “sex positive” and “a biting comedy with a tender heart.”
  • The Huffington Post remembers Elizabeth Taylor’s activism.
  • Jason Linkins recalls a provocative piece about journalism that seeks to create and criticize candidates’ personae rather than report on their politics. Sounds like most news stories about female politicians, doesn’t it?
  • Tom Tom Magazine, the magazine for female drummers, is under attack from Tom Tom GPS, since, you know, people might confuse tracking software with one of the only independent publications covering women and music.
  • Poor Knut. I don’t know about you, but I was dismayed to learn of the famous polar bear’s passing. As always, this song is for him.

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Scott Adams?

Are you saving Scott Adams for the Douchebag Decree?


Though actually, I think it's equally insulting to men. He depicts them as caring only about fighting, getting ahead and sex. No love, beauty, children, art, or nice sunny days for them! (Actually, he does depict Dilbert as being that way, but I assumed that was scathing satire. I may have been wrong). Then there is the bizarre "men are a team" theory, He says that all men get credit for one man's heroic deeds like pulling someone from a burning car or being a war hero, so they have to take the blame as well. So I guess all men are to blame for war, genocide, rape, and serial killing? If a women said that, she would be called a "crazy out-there feminazi".

Thanks for the link love,

Thanks for the link love, Deb!

You're welcome, Amber!

Bitch Flicks is a great site, by the way!

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