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Hello, hello! Ready for some thought-provoking links? I knew you were!

What else have you been reading this week?

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insurance fail

Nice list!

One story from Sweden this week:
A friend of a friend was verbally abused and filmed on the subway when kissing her girlfriend. After telling the man to stop several times they push the camera phone that falls to the floor. The man then attacks the friend with fists flying breaking her nose.

The man is charged with assault, but when the friend applies for compensation from her insurance company, Länsförsäkringar, they refuse to give her anything. The company says that she "made a choice to kiss her girlfriend on the subway, and that made them risk being assaulted." They also say "she could have stopped kissing her girlfriend, taking away the reason for the man to continue filming". [my approx. translations]

After the story spread on facebook, with ~8000 people joining the support group, a lot of people contacted Länsförsäkringar demanding answers and wanting to change insurance, the company turned and is now paying the money. They say, though, that they are paying because of the media attention, and has not yet apologized or accepted any error on their part in the judgment.

Here is the facebook event, with media links (in swedish):

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