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Is it already Friday?! We’re rounding up some of the most interesting
things we read this week in another edition of On Our Radar.

  • Johannes Mehserle, the ex-BART officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Speaker’s Corner offers a succinct round up of the mainstream media’s (non)coverage.
  • Tasha Fierce has a call for submissions up for an anthology entitled “Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image” on Red Vinyl Shoes.
  • Shelby Knox offers Google some suggestions of accomplished women that the search engine could honor with doodles. Over the past 11 years, Google has featured 109 “innovators, artists, revolutionaries and creators” on their front page, only 8 of which have been women.
  • Over at Broadsheet, Stephanie Hughes highlights feminist summer camp.
    The program, started by activists Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards four years ago, brings young feminists from all over the country to New York City for a week of networking, workshops, and, of course, bonding!
  • Chloe Angyal writes on “lady tool kits” on Feministing.
  • Via Sociological Images: Visiting a science lab changes 7th grade students’ perceptions of what a scientist ‘looks’ like on Restructure!
  • Spoiler alert?! Sady Doyle Garland Grey reviews Twilight: Eclipse and offers some much-needed “distinction between Twilight fans and Twlight, Inc.”
  • On Shakesville, Melissa McEwan pans FatBooth, the new iPhone app that allows the user to upload a photo that magically makes you (assuming you’re thin, of course!) look fat.
  • Maya Dusenbery of RH Reality Check roots for the abortion on tonight’s episode of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, one of the first abortions on television since the 1972 episode of Maude.
  • For those in Los Angeles, there will be a panel by MAGNET (Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Trans People) on negative representations of trans women in the media on July 15th. Details are at Transgriot.

Find something that piqued your interest this week? Leave it in the comments section!

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The Twilight post was actually by Garland Grey, not Sady :)

Meet The Shannons

Annie Shannon is cooking her way through The Betty Crocker Cookbook making every recipe vegan. There are some pretty remarkable recipes in there - you should check it out!

I'm in love with this blog.

Just a few things for the

Just a few things for the comments...

1. On BBC radio Thursday night, I heard a small report about the Oscar Grant case. I was was washing dishes at the time, and by the end of the report I realized I had tears streaming down my face. This kind of injustice seems to be happening more frequently across the country lately. In Portland alone, there have been too many suspicious police happenings. When will this stop? What can we do about it?

2. In regards to the Friday Night Lights episode...one of my friends has Direct TV so I was able to watch all the episodes before it re-aired on NBC.
As soon as I finished watching said episode, my blood was absolutely boiling! It's such a shame (and an unfortunate reality) that the school reacted the way it did against Tami.
FNL is probably my favorite still-on-air television show at the moment (The Wire will always be #1 in my heart). The story line is executed perfectly, and the acting is JUST TOO GOOD!
The characters evolve and develop on the same level as the plot which is something I always enjoy in a TV show.
Lastly, the entire concept is completely plausible. My partner grew up in Austin, Texas and went to a high school just like Dillon.
More people need to watch it! It's more than just high school football.

3. (I didn't realized I would be so wordy!) Am I allowed to come visit the Bitch office in Portland? I work just down the street from you all, and I would really love to come down there to buy a print subscription, see inside the office I always see from the street, and to meet you lovely folks!


Feminist Reviews This Week (& a Giveaway)

Feminist Review is giving one of our readers a chance to <a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/eco-friendly-lunch-box-giveaw... an Eco Friendly Lunch Box</a>, courtesy of EasyLunchBoxes.com. The prize includes a container set and one lunch bag (you choose the color!).

<a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/forced-to-care-coercion-and-c... to Care</a> begins with a look at those who are responsible for the lion’s share of caregiving in America. Glenn’s findings basically confirm what most of us know already: in most cases, women of color, women at the low end of the socioeconomic scale, and illegal immigrants are the ones caring for our nation’s young, disabled, and elderly.

Unapologetic. Raw. Honest. The third issue of <a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/voces-zine-summer-2010-issue-... Zine</a> is a collection of poetry by artists from different communities—indigenous, people of color, trans, and queer—sharing their experiences as survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Originally inspired by a small community of Latino immigrants, this issue represents a first-time inclusion of contributors from outside of its original roots.

self-promotion, after a fashion

<a href="http://www.edenfantasys.com/sexis/erotica/erika-lust-good-porn-0709101/"... Porn, Ourselves: Erika Lust on the Future of Porn</a>
Erika Lust is something of a film connoisseur—and her genre of choice is porn. An award-winning director and co-founder of Lust Films in Barcelona, Erika knows the (ahem!) ins and outs of the adult film biz, but she isn’t pleased with a lot of what she sees. While big tits, money shots, bad acting, and fake orgasms might pique men’s erotic interests, Lust believes films that satisfy women’s needs require something different.

<a href="http://womensrights.change.org/blog/view/grim_sleeper_case_put_to_rest">... Sleeper Case Put to Rest</a>
Since 1985, a man the Los Angeles Police Department dubbed the "Grim Sleeper" has killed at least ten Black women and girls, and one Black man, who lived in the same low-income area on the South side of L.A. Many of the women were prostitutes and most of the victims died by the same gun. Why it took twenty-five years for the LAPD to identify former trash collector Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., whose familial DNA led to this week's arrest, is now being sorted out.

<a href="http://womensrights.change.org/blog/view/caster_semenya_is_back_on_track... Semenya Is Back on Track</a>
When the test results came in, Semenya discovered that she is intersex, and the life changing news was difficult for the young track star to bear. Although the IAAF agreed to allow Semenya to keep her medal and the prize money in November, it wasn't until yesterday that she was granted the right to compete in future competitions as a woman. The ruling is effective immediately.

Mel Gibson?

How come none of the feminist sites I visit are talking about Mel?

PS: I live across the river in Washington, and I want to come visit the office too!

there's a whole post on him

there's a whole post on him for the Douchbag Decree....

Ah, I missed it. Thanks!

Ah, I missed it. Thanks!

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