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I work at Macy's, and I am

I work at Macy's, and I am shocked and appalled by the former employee's actions. How disgraceful! I am glad that my company stood up for the customer and subsequently fired. Her citing religious freedom is crap, basically, because then she would be allowed to basically do what she wants and cite her religious freedom. That would open the door to virtually every customer she doesn't like to face her bigotry and discrimination.

Allowing trans women to use women's fitting rooms absolutely in no way places other women at risk for sexual assault. Not in any way! Do these people think that trans women are straight cis men who are rapists who dress up as women and go shopping and then prey on other shoppers? Damn, I feel so absurd writing that!

I'm glad Macy's did the right thing in standing by their customer and I'm glad that i work for a company that does that.

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