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It's that time again! What time, you ask?! Why time to round up some of the most interesting things we read this week, of course!

  • Renee Martin opines on the racist and classist implications of 'foodie' culture on her great new blog with Holly Ord, Women's Eye on the Media.
  • Sara Haji of Muslimah Media Watch writes an open letter to Maureen Dowd about her orientalist trope "A Girls Guide to Saudi Arabia," appearing in the August issue of Vanity Fair.
  • In other Wow-Those-New-York-Times-Writers-Sure-Are-Douche-Bags news, Lisa Harvey of Questioning Transphobia takes on The Ethicist's Randy Cohen's supposition that trans folks must out themselves on dates.
  • Just in case you can't get enough of those New York Times writers' douchebaggery, Melissa McEwan takes down David Brooks and his "fundamental misunderstanding of human dignity" on Shakesville.
  • But enough of the New York Times hate: do take the time and read Emily Bazelon's piece on the future of abortion care in the New York Times Magazine—it's long, but it's worth it.
  • On Feministe, Aminatou Sow expands on Naomi Wolf's excellent piece on sweatshop labor and the rise of "fast fashion".
  • Writing on the series finale of MTV's psuedo-reality TV series The Hills, Chadwick Matlin makes the case that former cast member Lauren Conrad "has quietly become our country's most famous advocate for media literacy." Conrad's two thinly-veiled novels expose the extent to which the "reality" on the show is actually, well, real.
  • Just in case you weren't so sure: on Anna North let's us know that "relentless stalking is not romantic" on Jezebel.
  • On Broadsheet, Tracy Clark-Flory writes on the French businessman who has pledged €1 million for the proposed fine against women wearing burkas. The ban is expected to pass in September against the estimated 1,900 in France that wear Burkas.
  • Jos Truitt of Feministing reviews last week's Friday Night Lights episode, the first time television has dealt with abortion since the 1970's.
  • On Sociological Images, Lisa Wade highlights a series by photographers justine Graham and Ruby Rumié of images of maids and their employers.

Find something that piqued your interest this week? Leave it in the comments section!

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