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What a week! Sara Kantner and I rounded up some of the most interesting things we read in another installment of On Our Radar!

  •  Catch-22 Alert: Saks Fifth Avenue will be carrying plus-size designer digs from Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabanna and a slew of other notable designers. But, Jenna Sauers at Jezebel points out that the fashion world hasn't (and declines) to say much about this noteworthy stride.
  • Monica Roberts calls out Ke$ha on her derogatory comments about transwomen on Transgriot.
  • If summer isn't hot enough for you, get your hands on one of the steamy titles that Martha Toll at NPR suggests.
    • With more than 500 million active users, but one of the lowest ratings on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, The New York Times' Joshua Brustein considers Facebook's role as a "utility" company.
    • The Pursuit of Harpyness lets us in on some good news: A new anti-viral vaginal gel decreases a woman's chance of contracting HIV by 39% and is even more effective against herpes!
    • On Sociological Images, Lisa Wade takes a look at results of a survey conducted by a Christian website. 1,600 Christian men were asked questions about what is considered "modest" and "immodest" in terms of women's appearance and behavior.
    • On Colorlines (and crossposted on Racialicious) Daisy Hernandez looks at race in The Kids Are All Right, the new film "about two lesbian moms and their teenage kids who want to meet their sperm donor dad".
    • Geneva S. Thomas delves into the controversy surrounding the hiring of a white fashion director at black women's magazine Essence on Clutch Magazine. Thomas spoke with Michaela Angela Davis, the former Essence fashion editor who broke the news via twitter, as well as writer Najwa Moses, and provides a keen look at the corporate history that likely shaped the decision.
    • Emily Drabinski at The Advocate gives us the story of Scott Moore who hopes to make trans male pregnancy "not-so-curious"
    • Rebecca Traister muses on the media's obsession with Chelsea Clinton's upcoming nuptials on Broadsheet.

    Find something that piqued your interest this week? Leave it in the comments section!

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    This week on Women's Eye on Media

    Renee and I have been writing quite a bit over at Women's Eye on Media.

    Renee wrote a thorough recap as well as her thoughts on the <a href="http://www.womenseyeonmedia.com/2010/07/mad-men-season-opener.html">season premiere of Mad Men</a>. She also wrote a pretty great article on <a href="http://www.womenseyeonmedia.com/2010/07/disability-and-erasure-on-tlc.ht... and erasure on TLC</a> about TLC's shows on little people, but how at the same time they are still only depicting whiteness and wealth.

    I couldn't help but share my love of the new faux movie trailer <a href="http://www.womenseyeonmedia.com/2010/07/jane-austens-fight-club.html">Jane Austen's Fight Club</a>. I am also a huge fan of Glee, so imagine my surprise when I found out the cast and creator of the show revealed a ton of <a href="http://www.womenseyeonmedia.com/2010/07/what-to-expect-from-season-2-of-... 2 spoilers</a> at Comic Con.

    There have also been two recent episodes of The View that I couldn't help but comment on. First, <a href="http://www.womenseyeonmedia.com/2010/07/attention-lesbians-youre-really-... View attempted to talk about lesbianism</a> and coming out later in life. They failed, miserably. Barack Obama is the first sitting US president to appear on a morning talk show and boy, <a href="http://www.womenseyeonmedia.com/2010/07/barack-obama-was-guest-on-view-a... Palin is pissed</a> that he appeared on The View.

    Feminists Like to Write Reviews

    <a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/when-marina-abramovic-dies.ht... Marina Abramović Dies</a>
    Through complete cooperation from Abramović and many of her friends and family members, James Westcott produces a marvelously comprehensive history of the artist's childhood in Yugoslavia and the beginning of the career that would revolutionize the use of the body as an artistic vehicle in the 1970s.

    <a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/florida-supercon-doubletree-m... Supercom</a>
    Since I live in Miami, a city of fashionable sameness, it can be difficult to find alternatives to the mainstream culture. So I was convention curious. Yet all I knew about anime was what I’d seen on Adult Swim or the Syfy channel: doe-eyed, borderline pornographic girls in their miniskirts and ponytails. I can never get past the not-so-subtle little girl fetish. Change the channel, thanks.

    <a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/kids-are-all-right.html">The Kids Are All Right.</a>
    This movie is so fucking good, and it is refreshing to see a film written and directed by a (feminist, lesbian) woman about a family helmed by (feminist, lesbian) women starring women (who are feminists). The themes in this movie—family, love, sex, growing up—are highlighted by some of the best performances I've seen in quite a while.

    <a href="http://feministreview.blogspot.com/2010/07/salt.html">Salt</a>
    In the wake of the news stories swirling around real-life Russian spy Anna Chapman, the release of this film couldn’t be more timely. Thankfully, it’s also tremendous fun, even if the plot is so outlandish that to truly enjoy it you’ll need to suspend all brain activity once you enter the theater.

    and something i wrote

    <a href="http://womensrights.change.org/blog/view/driving_while_palestinian_and_f... While Palestinian (and Female)</a>
    Nearing forty hasn't slowed Suna Aweidah down. In fact, she's recently begun speeding up. Earlier this year, Aweidah and nine other Palestinian women decided to stop competing and start working together by forming the first all-woman racing team. They call themselves the Speed Sisters.

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