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by Mac Pogue
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Fun coincidence

Not too long ago, Bitch posted an Adventures in Feministory post about Anna May Wong. In a lovely turn of coincidence, an article on Colorlines is calling for Kickstarter donations to help Yunah Hong release her documentary on Wong. I thought folks here might be interested!


Is there a link for the Ms

Is there a link for the Ms net neutrality article?

so... obama did not veto net

so... obama did not veto net neutrality, according to that article. *congress* *voted down* a measure that would have *overturned* the fcc's ability to enforce net neutrality.

and that... that is a pretty misleading summary you've got up there.

Spice Girls!

Loved the Rookie post on the Spice Girls! I've been a feminist since I was a fetus, so when I was 7-9 and the Spice Girls were at their top they were just part of my elementary-school feminism. And I totally agree with everything that the article said... the Spice Girls rock! I still love them... The Spice World dvd is glittering above my desk and is now begging me to forgo homework to watch it...

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