On Our Radar: Feminist News Round Up

Here’s all the news on our radar for today! 

• We warned you about Rick Perry’s call for a second special session on SB5. After about eight hours of testimony last night, the Texas House voted to approve these restrictive abortion regulations.

• NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia confirms that Crisis Pregnancy Centers purposefully uses false medical information to dissuade patients from seeking abortions. [Feminist Wire]

• Speaking of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, student Lucy Vernasco shares her upsetting experience with one, highlighting why access to family planning is crucial. [Feminist Campus] 

A conservative blogger exposes Texas Senator Wendy Davis’s natural hair color and thereby disproves feminism. [Slate] 

• Remember when a UNM professor fat-shamed PhD candidates on Twitter and tried to pass it off as a research project? Looks like he’ll keep his job. [Huffington Post]

• Artist Nickolay Lamm recreates Barbie using proportions based on the CDC’s measurements of the average 19-year-old American woman. [My Deals]

Original Barbie (left), Artist's recreation (right) 

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you’re reading in the comments.

by Marinda Valenti
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It was not an NYU professor who fat shamed, it was a UNM (University of New Mexico) prof. Thanks!

Fixed this!

Thanks for the note!

Texas Abortion Restrictions: Correction

Actually, though it's probably going to get through, the abortion restrictions have NOT passed the house yet. They were voted out of committee. There's still a ways to go.

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