On Our Radar: Feminist News Round-Up

on our radar

Here’s what we’re reading today: 

• Some conservatives are shocked that the newly crowned Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, interned for Planned Parenthood, but the pageant actually has a pro-choice history. [Salon]

Fun Home and Dykes to Watch Out For cartoonist Alison Bechdel won a Macarthur Genius Award!! “I feel like I’ve been in a state of shock,” she said. “Getting this kind of recognition from the MacArthur Foundation, I can feel it already changing my life.” [Guardian]

• In an attempt to regain female voters, some Republican candidates are coming out in support of over-the-counter birth control. [NPR] 

• For the first time since 2006, American poverty rates have fallen. But still about 14.5 percent of Americans live in poverty. [Slate]

• This in-depth history of women in comics discusses bizarre early comic strips, the underground comics of the 1970s, and top-notch comics creators now. [Collectors Weekly] 

New interactive infographics show the failure rates of a variety of contraceptive methods over time. [New York Times]

• Sexual assault in American Muslim communities doesn’t get a lot of attention. Breaking Silence is a new film currently seeking funding via Kickstarter that aims to “break the silence” by sharing the stories of Muslim women. [Kickstarter]  

• Lupita Nyong’o spent some quality time on Sesame Street to hang out with Elmo.

lupita and elmo both saying that they love their skin

What did I miss? Add what you’re reading to the comments. 

by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
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Hannah Steinkopf-Frank is a Chicago-based freelance writer and photographer. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Atlas Obscura, Columbia Journalism Review, In These Times, JSTOR Daily, Jewish Currents, and Paper Magazine, among others.

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