On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the feminist news on our radar today:

• Missouri lawmakers may extend the state’s 24-hour waiting period for women seeking abortion care to 72 hours.  A brilliant student protested the bill by vowing to make committee members wait too: she promised to come back three days later to speak out against the bill again—after not needing to think about it. [Salon]

• Here’s another great piece from Salon: Writer Soraya Chemaly points out how Republican male politicians are hostile toward single women with friends, like Wendy Davis. [Salon]   

• Cherrios will air a new commercial starring the same interracial family that caused some racists viewers “discomfort” during last year’s Super Bowl.  Kid cuteness promised. [Jezebel]

• My mom would want me post this: Oprah turned 60 yesterday, and she’s damn proud of it! Lookin’ good, O! [Oprah]

• Jemima Kirke of Girls narrates a new short film released by the Tate that addresses the lack of women artists in museums and art history books. [The Guardian]

• This may be just an excuse to practice my Franglais, but Féminin/Féminin, a new lesbian web-series by Cholé Robinchaud certainly has its Québecois charm.  [Vimeo]

FÉMININ/FÉMININ - épisode 1 from Lez Spread The Word on Vimeo.

What did I miss? Add what you’re reading to the comments.

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Like we need another L word.

Like we need another L word. Where's the lesbian drama that features fatties, people of color, disabled dykes and trans women that I've been waiting my whole life for??

Great point!

Great point! I agree.

Sports news, anyone?

I'd love to hear someone weigh in on all the talk about women sportscasters, especially the stuff that has grown to a fever pitch after Erin Andrews' interview of Richard Sherman. Andrews was called "drama queenish" and people pointed to (and attempted to retract/damage control) her status as a conventionally attractive, white, blond cis woman as the reason she purportedly mishandled her interview. That it's too bad 'less hot' women get passed over for the jobs less qualified, 'more hot' women get. That more 'less hot' women should be hired. But just the white ones. Bitch, there is <em>so. much. fail.</em> and I need you to discuss because i can't even. Superbowl is this weekend and it's not just the on-field games that are going to hit the fan.

women sportscasters

I'm curious about this too. We'll start digging around. A few of us in the office will be watching this Sunday.

Seattleite-born-and-raised over and out.

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