On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the feminist news on our radar today:

• In a beautiful essay, Theodore R. Johnson explores the disconnect he feels during Black History Month—the lives of Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks seem worlds away from the racism of today. [The Atlantic]

• Mississippi was using a scary, unofficial drug to administer lethal injections, until a judge blocked the pharmacy from selling it. [Guardian] 

• Barbie is the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model.  Um, very interesting. [New York Times]

• Women ski jumpers are still fighting to jump from the big hills reserved just for men. [Slate]

• Poetry workshops can be brutal, as I well know, but Kristen Stewart got a very public sort of workshop in response to the poem “My Heart Is A Wiffle Ball/Freedom Pole” she published in Maire Clare. She may be a little shy about submitting her work now.  Welcome to my world, Kristen! [The Poetry Foundation]

• East Meck High School in North Carolina crowned the state’s first transgender homecoming king.  I love stories like this. [Feministing]

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What did I miss? Add you’re reading to the comments.  

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Women who shred. I love

Women who shred. I love this!

LOL "schook" seriously??? you

LOL "schook" seriously??? you have to be kidding me with all these freaking typos.

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