On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on my radar today: 

• Writer Veronica Bayetti Flores discusses the politics behind why Venezuelans have come out to protest en masse across the country. [Feministing] 

• Naming hurricanes exclusively after women came to an end in 1978, but I still often hear of women storming the something-or-other capital. This week in bizarrely named storm news, a “Texas Hooker” is rampaging the Midwest.  [Slate]

• Not to harp on Texas, but Democratic candidate Lloyd Oliver thinks domestic violence is “so, so overrated” and if elected he would like to focus on other issues, such as continuing to be a giant ball of slime.  [Huffington Post]        

• Artist and programmer Justin Blinder has melded data from New York City’s Department of City Planning and Google street view to show gentrification in the works.  [Colorlines]

• The great magazine for teenage girls, Rookie, talks with musician Stephen Malkmus. [Rookie] 

• And just for fun, Seattle surf rock band Tacocat has a new video for their single “Crimson Wave.” Yay!

What did I miss? Share what you’re reading to the comments.

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