On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our radar today:

Orange Is the New Black actress Lea DeLaria, will not be performing at the upcoming Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. In a statement, DeLaria said, “We queers need to find a way to stop this fighting and work together towards our common goal.” Preach. [Advocate]

• I can’t even believe this is happening. Supposedly, a 28-year-old woman is auctioning off her virginity, offering a “12 hour date with the highest bidder ending in her deflowering” and for some reason all Jezebel cares about is why she isn’t being arrested for prostitution. [Jezebel]

• While the “bring back our girls” movement gained even more traction this week with First Lady Michelle Obama’s #bringbackourgirls tweet, the writers at Compare Afrique caution against becoming a “complicit participant in a military expansionist agenda on the continent of Africa.” [Compare Afrique]

• For decades, Cuba was notorious for its crackdown on LGBT people. Mariette Pathy Allen’s recently published photobook,TransCuba, portrays a country slowly outgrowing its history of persecution. [Daylight Books]

• Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas is at the center of a new film about his experience “coming out” as an undocumented immigrant—Documented opens in Los Angeles this week. [h/t to @mcruzlee

• In case you haven’t heard, the American health care system is subpar and is negatively affecting most people, including pregnant women. [Salon]

• Why is it always women whose careers are ruined in a sex scandal? Monica Lewinsky is re-entering the public with a book about her experience, saying that she became “a social canvas on which anybody could project their confusion about women, sex, infidelity, politics, and body issues.” [The Guardian]

• Artist Kara Walker unveiled her first large-scale public project in partnership with Creative Time, at Brooklyn’s legendary Domino Sugar Factory this week. The installation, titled “Subtlety,” features a gigantic figure with African features, posed to resemble a sphinx encrusted with sugar. The exhibition urges viewers to consider the human cost of troubling sugar industry labor practices. [Colorlines] 

What did I miss? Add what you’re reading to the comments.

by Erica Thomas
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Erica Thomas is an artist, writer, manger of creative projects, and idea machine. Her topics of interests include relationship structures, non-binary gender dynamics, kinetic learning styles, and leading the revolution(s).

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Virginity Auction

I am not entirely sure what point Jezebel intended to make with the framing of that article, but I interpreted it as, "look at this blonde blue eyed, pure, hetero white girl who is clearly engaging in prostitution as the vast majority of Americans define it, and yet because she is a blonde, blue eyed, pure, hetero white girl, the police are not defining it as such." It's like, the hypocrisy of it. If a trans woman of color did the same thing, how would the police and society at large react? I believe in the decriminalization of prostitution as much as the next person, but it's pretty clear that how and who we label as prostitutes is not universal by any stretch.


What Jezebel seems to have missed is that the woman, although American, is currently living in Australia. Prostitution is legal in 3 Australian territories. But if that's what Jezebel meant, to highlight the disparity, they completely failed (given that there isn't a single mention in their article of WOC/trans women and prostitution).

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