On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the news on our radar today:

• What makes someone a refugee? Nearly seven in 10 Americans see the children crossing over America’s southern border as refugees who should be considered for asylum, not “illegal immigrants.” [The Atlantic] 

• Where are the female protagonists in top-grossing science fiction films? [Feministing]

• Zerlina Maxwell points our how rape culture is a part of nine popular American films. [Mic] 

• Cristin Hughes’s film Blind Spot is an eye-opening look at familiar film tropes and the startlingly violent treatment women face. 

• Thanks to a ruling made by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi will stay open. [Mother Jones]

• Here’s how Satanists are challenging anti-choice laws and trolling the Supreme Court. [Salon]

• Who is in love with Brittney Griner? If you’re not a fan already, this short ESPN film about the basketball star will win you over. [After Ellen]  

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by Lucy Vernasco
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