On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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Here’s the news on our radar today: 

• America’s passtime just got more awesome with 13-year-old pitcher Mo’Ne Davis, who helped to send her team to the Little League World Series. In its 68-year history, Davis is the 18th girl to play in the tournament. [USA Today]

• California may be the first state to mandate “affirmative consent” across all university campuses as the state legislature debates a ‘yes means yes’ law for the student body. [Yahoo! News]

• This headline will make you feel like you’ve stepped in some time machine back to a period where nothing made sense: “Women must undergo pap smears and virginity tests to teach in Brazil.” [Salon]

• Recent reactions to Kara Walker’s powerful “A Subtlety” exhibit has sparked conversations about what it means to respectfully engage with art. OINTB’s star Lea Delaria found herself in the middle of the controversy when she may have “missed the point” in this piece about what it means to be a mindful ally. [Disrupting Dinner Parties]

•  “We need diverse books. We need to make them, buy them, read them, review them, talk about them,” said cartoonist Gene Luen Yang. Your summer reading just got more interesting with this list of graphic novels that deal with racial justice.[Colorlines]

by Amy Lam
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Amy Lam is Bitch Media’s contributing editor. Find her at @amyadoyzie.

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Disrupting Dinner Parties

Thanks for posting the Disrupting Dinner Parties article!! : ) Just wanted to point out a lil typo. Mindful vs minful allies. : )

Thanks for lookin' out!

Thanks for lookin' out! Updating typo now!

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