On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

on our radar

Here’s all the news on our radar today: 

Elite colleges across the country are still, well, elite. New studies show there has been no increase in enrollment of low income students at many of these universities over the past 20 years. [New York Times]

• It’s no surprise that the NRA is attacking the women behind gun control advocacy group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. [Slate]

• Many cities, including Ferguson, rely on criminal fines and court fees to fill out their budget—but those costs fall hardest on low-income residents. [Colorlines] 

• NPR’s newest piece from their series on sexual assault on college campuses explores how student activists are using social media to connect with other students and enact change, both locally and nationally. [NPR]

• Where are all the lesbian bars? Across the country, brick-and-mortar lesbian community spaces seem to be disappering. [Marketplace] 

• In honor of her 30th birthday, DC Comics is bringing back She-Ra, the Greek myth-inspired superhero, as a regular character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. [Jezebel]  

• This little infographic shows why letting insurance policies not cover the cost of birth control is a problem. [This is Personal] 

a chart shows that the cost of an IUD can equal a minimum wage worker's whole monthly salary

 What did I miss? Add what you’re reading to the comments. 

by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
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Hannah Steinkopf-Frank is a Chicago-based freelance writer and photographer. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Atlas Obscura, Columbia Journalism Review, In These Times, JSTOR Daily, Jewish Currents, and Paper Magazine, among others.

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