On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what’s on our radar today!

• Chicago Public Schools have mandated sex education for kindergarten students. For 30 minutes per month, students will learn about bullying, correct names for body parts, and appropriate and inappropriate touching. [Clutch]

• Wondering how not to publish an article that contributes to rape culture? Here’s a handy guide for editors. [ThinkProgress]

• After 35 years of trying, Diana Nyad completed the 103 mile swim from Cuba to Florida at age 64. [SDGLN]

• The Lusty Lady, a unionized strip club in San Francisco, has closed its doors. Former employee Lily Burana remembers her time working there. [The Atlantic]

• A new documentary, Ukraine Is Not A Brothel, claims that the protest group FEMEN (best known for their topless protests) was founded and controlled by a man. [The Independent]

• While the wage gap may be decreasing in the general work force, it’s increasing in health care. Female doctors earn $50,000 less than their male counterparts.  [The Washington Post via Feministing]

• Here’s how not to respond to Indigenous experiences of racism in Canada, spurred by the continued use of the word “redskin” by football leagues. In related news, the Sports Illustrated microsite The MMQB will no longer be using the word on their site. [Rabble.ca and CBS]

• And Louis Vuitton has “pulled an Urban Outfitters” by billing this pair of fancy shoes as “Navajo Moccasins”.

What did we miss? Add what you’re reading in the comments!

by Arielle Yarwood
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Hayao Miyazaki

Shameful that this blog has failed to mention that Hayao Miyazaki, the great Japanese director who films have always featured strong female characters is retiring from filmmaking.

Definitely missed that news!

<p>Thanks for the heads up! We <a href="http://bit.ly/12HuLr2" target="_blank">covered the greatness of Miyazaki</a> on the blog a couple months ago, but I hadn't heard the news of his retirement.</p>


It would be better if you could tell us the exact location from which Nyad started her triumphant swim instead of just saying "Cuba". I know it's a small island nation but it does have cities and states. It feels inappropriate to say that she arrived in a specific part of the U.S. (Florida) while telling us that she left from "Cuba", as if the whole country was just the same.

It's a minor quibble, I know, but it irks me that it seems to reinforce the imperialist/colonial notion that outside of the borders of empire it all looks like an undifferentiated "other".

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