On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what’s on our radar today:

• Judith Butler on the problems with the phrase “all lives matter”: “If we jump too quickly to the universal formulation, ‘all lives matter,’ then we miss the fact that black people have not yet been included in the idea of ‘all lives.’” [New York Times]

• Science is getting closer to creating an embryo from two eggs, but first the world needs to be ready for it. [Autostraddle]

• A look at how tech companies are helping Native Americans preserve languages that are in danger of dying out. [Indian Country Today Media Network]

• Surely nothing will go wrong once climate change denier Ted Cruz oversees NASA later this month… right? [Slate]

• Republican Mitt Romney plans to make poverty a central issue the 2016 presidential race, if he runs.  Yes, that Mitt Romney—the one who famously told a group of private donors during the 2012 national election that he is not concerned with the 47 percent who believe they are “entitled” to health care, food, and housing. [Politico, Mother Jones]

• In Berlin, German chancellor Angela Merkel joins a Muslim community rally to promote tolerance. [The Guardian]

• Following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, people in Ireland are reconsidering overturning the country’s blasphemy law.

• In entertainment news, check out this rundown of Showtime’s all-female panel on sexuality on TV. [Deadline]

• Want something random and adorable to end your day? Watch this video of a black lab riding public transit alone to the dog park. [Komo News]

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

by Ariana Vives
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Ariana Vives is a former Bitch new media intern. She finally got into The Walking Dead and hopes some good will come from this.

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