On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what’s on our radar today:

• The US Justice Department may bring a lawsuit against the Ferguson, Missouri police department based on discriminatory policing tactics. [CNN]

• A New Jersey judge ruled that conversion therapists who claim they can cure homosexuality are committing consumer fraud, which could greatly impact similar clinics that treat homosexuality as a mental illness. [NJ]

• Hopes on Hold: Thousands of immigrants are left in the lurch as a Texas judge upholds a lawsuit challenging Obama’s recent immigration action. As one person said, “They are playing with people’s lives.” [NBC] 

•  After Amy Tan: An Asian American Literature Roundtable is a discussion about Asian American identity, visbility, community, and life after Joy Luck Club. [The Toast]

The pick-me-up for today: “Rebel Girls: 22 Badass Black Women Who Are Leading Movements, Changing the World, Generally Awesome.” We need more lists like this, please! [Autostraddle]

• Pussy Riot’s first song in English, “I Can’t Breathe,” was written in solidarity against police brutality in the US. The haunting video features the two most well-known members of the band, clad in Russian riot police uniforms, being buried alive. [YouTube]
by Amy Lam
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