On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what’s on our radar:

• You may have heard by now that Indiana has approved a law that grants business owners the right not to serve LGBT customers—here is a comprehensive list of people and businesses boycotting the state. [Mother Jones]

• In more horrible Indiana news, Indianapolis resident Purvi Patel became the first woman in the U.S. to be sentenced to prison for killing a fetus. [RH Reality Check]

• Fans of The Daily Show are criticizing newly minted host Trevor Noah for past anti-Semitic and sexist tweets. Comedy Central has since issued a statement defending him. Writer Ijeoma Oluo has this take on coming to terms with times when “your fave is problematic.” [TIME and Matter]

• Hooray! Disney is developing a live-action version of Mulan! [CNN]

• And speaking of adaptations, NBC is looking to adapt The Wiz as its next live musical broadcast. [Colorlines]

• Are you a fan of shows like Empire and How to Get Away with Murder? Here’s an article on how daytime soap operas of the ’80s and ’90s explored diversity before today’s current push for diverse voices. [The Atlantic]

• And finally, check out this video of Venezuelan political cartoonist Rayma Suprami, who was fired for a drawing wherein she mocked then-President Hugo Chavez. [Washington Post]

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by Ariana Vives
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Ariana Vives is a former Bitch new media intern. She finally got into The Walking Dead and hopes some good will come from this.

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This Is What We Look Like Campaign

A new and exciting campaign just launched, called This Is What We Look Like. The This Is What We Look Like Campaign promotes the presence, awareness, and progress of women in traditionally male dominated fields, by filling the web with images of doing what is usually considered men's work: thisiswhatwelooklikecampaign.tumblr.com
Please check out this cool campaign, join, and spread the word. Let's change the way we think about women and work!

COV4 conference

Anyone going to cover the COV4 conference that happened in Chicago this past weekend?

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