On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

There’s a lot of news on our radar this morning.

• Racialicious asks, “Is economic mobility destined to become a zero sum game?”  [Racialicious]

• Why Hollywood won’t make a Wonder Woman movie. [The Mary Sue]

• Unlike the rest of the country, California is actually trying to expand access to abortion services.  [Salon]

Mother Jones complied a list of 48 people who will be hurt by the government shutdown.  [Mother Jones]

• Feministing responds to the Black Girl Dangerous article about the problems with allies. [Feministing]

• The Health Insurance Marketplace opened yesterday! Bedsider breaks down how you can sign up for a plan that works for you. [Bedsider]

• In other healthcare news: although employers are required to cover breast-feeding services for women under the Affordable Care Act, many employers are lagging behind the law.  [The New York Times] 

• Shakesville writes that not only do many Halloween costumes appropriate racial identities, they also appropriate the identities of fat people. [Shakesville]

• The Justice Department has filed a suit against North Carolina, saying that the new racially biased voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act. [Politico] 

• On Sunday, art group FORCE organized the first public showing of its project “The Monument Quilt” where 100 red quilts made by the survivors of rape and abuse were displayed on the center plaza on Baltimore’s Penn Station. [Upsetting Rape Culture] 

A red quilt placed on the plaza of Baltimore's Penn Station reads "Not Alone."

Post anything we missed in the comments. 

by Hannah Strom
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WOW I wish I were in Baltimore to see that piece in person. Breathtaking. Perfect.

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