On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

On Our Radar

Happy first day of July! Here’s what we’re reading this fine (overly warm) morning: 

• Writer Claudia Rankine discusses the invisibility of Black women and why calling out racism is an act of responsible parenting. [Guardian] 

• Investigators are looking into the fires that damaged six predominantly Black churches in five Southern states recently. [NPR] 

 Oregon lawmakers just passed a bill that will allow Oregon residents to get birth control prescriptions from a pharmacist, not just from physicians. Though there are still limitations to birth control access in the state—it’s still not over-the-counter, and minors will have to prove they had a prescription from a physician beforehand—it is a start. [RH Reality Check]

• Thanks to a new law passed by California’s legislature, most children in the state will now have to be vaccinated in order to attend school or daycare. The only exception is for medical reasons. [Forbes]

• Why is the US Chamber of Commerce involved in a worldwide campaign to block anti-smoking laws? [New York Times] 

• The Department of Labor proposed a plan that would qualify almost five million more American managers for overtime pay. Thanks, Obama! [Chicago Tribune]

• This is an interesting look at why Amy Schumer needs to add some intersectionality to her feminism. [The Mary Sue]

• “It’s not a Black girl’s job to prove that she is worthy of humanity. That’s supposed to be our human right.” [Rookie]

• I’m pressing replay all day on this Tiny Desk Concert from Massachusetts band And The Kids. I love their unique sound and wide-ranging vocals. [NPR Music]

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

by Jess Kibler
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Jess Kibler is a Portland-based writer, editor, and sad-song collector.

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