On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

• Here’s a quick guide to Greece’s financial meltdown. Also, Slavoj Žižek explains how its only hope in saving the “European Legacy” is by way of “democracy, egalitarian solidarity, and trust in people.”[Washington Post and The New Statesman]

• In 2005, Bill Cosby testified under oath to dosing a woman with Quaaludes. [Guardian] 

• Upon winning the World Cup, the U.S. Women’s National Team snagged $2 million in prize money. That sounds great—but when male teams win the World Cup, they get $35 million. [The New Republic]

• South Sudan government soldiers are wrecking havoc in the lives of their civilians. [The New York Times]

• To remind people of the history of slave trading, artist Nona Faustine posed nude for her photo series “White Shoes” at former slave trade sites in the New York City. [Black Girl Long Hair]

• The Australia-based Cyberhate project is aiming to understand rape threats and others forms of hostility directed toward women online.  [The Conversation]

• Mia McKenzie sheds light on Black vs. white feminism and explains what Rihanna’s latest song, “BBHMM,” implies. [Black Girl Dangerous]

Genetic surveillance and forensic DNA-phenotyping assume characteristics from a broad spectrum of  “feminine” to “masculine” or “European” and  “African,” can propagate institutional racism and discrimination. [The New Inquiry] 

• In this piece, writer Aya de Leon talks about constructing a narrative that does not terrorize young Black children with the history of anti-Black racial violence but informs and empowers them to learn more. [ayadeleon.wordpress.com]

Check out this online visual protest wall hosted by community of artist-activists of color that features artwork and graphics about police brutality. [Artists Against Police Violence]

 “This image honors Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson and it expresses the dream of an anti- racist  *trans and queer liberation movement.”

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