On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Good Thursday, everyone! Here’s the news on our radar this morning:

• After more than 50 years of waving this symbol of violence, the South Carolina State House approves a bill to remove the Confederate flag. [NY Times]

• Reminder that Bree Newsome gave us all a lesson in Black girl boldness. [For Harriet]

• Today we reflect on the one year anniversary of a deadly onslaught against Gaza, an attack that displaced more than 500,000 Palestinians. This one-year anniversary reminds me of the The Logic of Israeli Violence. [Al Jazeera & Jacobin]

• A lesson in intersectionality and privilege: Here are 5 ways white transgender people have privilege over transgender people of color. [Black Girl Dangerous]

• Ariana Grande is under investigation over a doughnut-licking incident. [The Guardian]

• Did you know Rihanna cast her “BBHMM” henchwoman through an Instagram DM? Here is an interview with the (flawless) Sanam. [Vice]

• Mexican-American soccer player Jill Ellis talks about being turned away from the mostly white U.S. team. [Colorlines]

Add what you’re reading to the comments. 

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by Catherine Gonzalez
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Catherine Lizette Gonzalez is a writer from Miami living in New York. You can find them on Twitter and Tagvverk.

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