On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the news on my radar this Thursday!

Bail is set at $1 million for a former University of Cincinnati police officer who was caught on a police body camera shooting and killing Samuel Dubose, an unarmed motorist. [NY Times]

• These 100 queer characters of color broaden our perception of representation in mainstream media. [Mic]

• While Caitlyn Jenner embodies a specific class with access to transgender-inclusive healthcare, what about those who are left behind? Read the story of Alena, who must live as Christopher in order to survive. [The Guardian]

• The “War on Drugs” affects the lives of many immigrants in the U.S.—including Anahí Douglas, who has sustained ten years of exile from her grandmother by cooking her Tortillas de Manteca. [Entropy]

• Recently, the UN urged the Dominican Republic to stop its mass deportation of Haitians. Here is a history lesson on the long legacy of U.S. occupation on the island of Hispaniola. [Al Jazeera and New Yorker]

•  “As a non-brain surgeon, I think the proper way to cut into a brain is…” and other examples of how white people sound when they “disagree” with a person of color about racism. [Black Girl Dangerous]

• Today I’m listening to Weirdo Shrine, the new album by Seattle-based band La Luz that’s slated for release on August 7. Luckily, we get to preview it on First Listen! [NPR].

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your own news roundup!

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by Catherine Gonzalez
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Catherine Lizette Gonzalez is a writer from Miami living in New York. You can find them on Twitter and Tagvverk.

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