On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

on our radar

Happy Friday! Here’s all the news we’re reading today

What is the environmental impact of the nation’s prisons? The Prison Ecology project is investigating the ways in which people in prison are threatened by the environmental problems in the areas where they’re housed.  [Pacific Standard]

• Comedian Lizz Winstead will not stop talking about abortion. Not that it’s helped her career. [Cosmopolitan]

• When and why did colleges and universities start their own gun-carrying police forces? Should they be disbanded in light of the shooting of Samuel Dubose? [The Guardian]

• A woman imprisoned in Alabama is being denied her right to an abortion. [Feministing]

• Forty years after it was made, the documentary Year of the Woman is getting wide release. [Bustle]

• Why aren’t there more women futurists? [The Atlantic] 

• It seems like every day now has its own random holiday—National Donut Day, National Hot Dog Day—but here’s one everyone can support: July 31 is National Orgasm Day. [Mic] 

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