On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Morning readers! Here’s the news on my radar.

• Seventy years post-Hiroshima, the U.S. still hasn’t apologized for bombing Japan. [The Nation] 

• A report reveals Chicago police have detained thousands of Black Americans, many of whom are still held for minor crimes with little access to the outside world. [The Guardian]

• In today’s feminist art news: The Guerilla Girls continue to rattle the cages of the white, male-dominated art world after three decades of activism. [NY Times] 

• The economic “death spiral” in Puerto Rico is linked to a 117-year legacy of colonialism. Here is the Puerto Rico crisis, explained. [Democracy Now & Vox]

 • Author Catherine Nichols sent her novel out under a male name and discovered first-hand the covert misogyny within publishing. [Jezebel]

• CultureStrike has launched the photo series “Visions from the Inside” to picture the words of detained migrants in the U.S.[Hyperallergic]

 • The right-wing plans to defund Planned Parenthood impacts communities of color. These attacks ignore how a small price to pay for women’s healthcare could stabilize our economy. [Colorlines & Atlantic]

• Activists are calling for a boycott of the new Stonewall movie because it whitewashes LGBTQ history, and features a cis, white, gay man as the main character. Instead, they recommend checking out these two upcoming films that highlight trans women of color who have fought for justice: Happy Birthday, Marsha! and Major! (whose trailer is below). [AAZAH & Fusion]

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by Catherine Gonzalez
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Catherine Lizette Gonzalez is a writer from Miami living in New York. You can find them on Twitter and Tagvverk.

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