On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our feminist radar today. 

• In conflict-of-interest news: Bitch made a music video! It just launched yesterday, go watch us dance around our office

• Yesterday, countries pledged $12 billion to fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. [New York Times]

• Three young black men in Rochester were arrested for standing on the sidewalk and “refusing to disperse” while waiting for the school bus. When their black male basketball coach tried to intervene and say he was supervising them, the police threatened to arrest him as well. [Rochester Home Page] 

• Meanwhile, three white male college students filed a racial discrimination complaint against their professor for teaching about structural racism. Seriously? [Salon]

• Fast food strikes are scheduled in over 100 cities tomorrow to advocate for higher wages. [Think Progress] 

• Motherhood is now a greater predictor of income inequality than gender, so if feminism isn’t for mothers, than who is it for? [Huffington Post]

• Lionsgate is in early talks to make a movie about Hillary Clinton. [The Mary Sue] 

• Walmart started selling a rip-off of the famous street artist Bansky’s anti-capitalism print, but after backlash they have taken it off the website. [Slate] 

Banksy's destroy capitalism print has a line of people lining up to buy a red shirt that says "destroy capitalism"

the print on sale in walmart's store

Post anything we missed in the comments. 

by Hannah Strom
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The juxtaposition of bullet 3 and 4...AAUGH.


Thanks for another good list from On Our Radar.

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