On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what’s on our radar today!

• They’ve finally cast Wonder Woman! Actress Gal Gadot of the Fast and Furious movies will be appearing as the Amazon in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. [The Mary Sue]

• The ACLU is trying a new tactic: they’re suing the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for forbidding abortions at Catholic hospitals, even if the woman’s life is at risk. [NPR]

• Chicago activists fight against looming “school deserts,” which occur when officials close schools and relocate students, leaving entire communities without local public education. [ColorLines]

• Metal band Mastodon created what they purport to be a Thanksgiving-themed shirt that’s pro-Native, but, like one Native Mastodon fan said, “there is nothing subversive or edgy about a scantily clad Native American woman on her knees serving a white man who is pointing a gun in her face.” [ICTMN]

• Fast-food workers are planning a one-day strike for livable wages today. Fun (not so fun) fact: if minimum wage had increased at the same rate that top incomes have, it would be $25 by now. [Mother Jones]

• Women, Action, and Media (WAM!) is having a pretty astounding fundraising auction full of interesting items. [WAM] 

• Artist Michele Pred is at Art Basel this week—she creates art with expired birth control pills and 1960s vintage items to express her frustration with the continued impediments to women’s health and the negative attitudes toward birth control that have persisted since the Pill’s introduction. [Michele Pred]

Expired birth control pill box hat

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