On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our radar this Wednesday. 

• We wrote a couple weeks ago about how McDonalds gave tasteless advice to its employees, and they’ve just done it again. While their workers were for striking for a living wage, they posted advice on how much to tip people like pool cleaners, dog walkers, and masseuses. [Salon] 

• While the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in 5 years, it’s twice as high for black Americans as it is for white Americans. [Colorlines] 

• Mother Jones chronicles the long history of college football’s sexual assualt problem. [Mother Jones] 

• GM hires its first female CEO Mary Barra, she will be the first female leader for any major American auto company. [NPR]

• The LA porn industry shut down for the third time this year because an actor tested positive for HIV. This is resparking the debate over whether porn stars should be required to wear condoms on screen. [Think Progress] 

• Meanwhile, the two men thought to be cured of HIV through bone marrow transplants have shown signs of the virus and had to go back on medication. [RH Reality Check] 

• A Somali court punished a woman who reported a rape and two journalists who told her story, while neither of the men accused of rape were arrested. [Al Jazeera]

• Nineteen-year-old photographer Kiyun chronicled her friends experiences with racist microaggressions, and the results are powerful. [Jezebel, Nortonism]

A black man stands with a sign that reads "you don't act like a normal black person, ya know?"A woman stands with a sign "So what do you guys speak in Japan, Asian?"

Post anything we missed in the comments.  

by Hannah Strom
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