On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Happy Friday! Here’s all the feminist news on our radar this morning.

• Good news first! Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman sentenced to 20 years for firing a warnng shot at her husband during a domestic dispute, will be getting a new trial after it was ruled that the judge handling her initial case failed to properly instruct the jury on the parameters of proving self-defense. She still won’t be able to use the “stand your ground” defense, however. [Huffington Post]

• In a landmark ruling for nonbiological parents, the European court of justice has issued a decision that will allow both adoptive and birth mothers to take maternity leave, a minimum of two weeks each. [Salon]

• From the Department of Bad Ideas: Gawker has created a Privilege Tournament in the form of an NCAA–style bracket. “Privilege has its benefits,” writes creator  Hamilton Nolan, “but the lack of privilege confers that sweet, sweet moral superiority.” Keep it classy, Gawker. [Feministing]

• From the department of extra-bad ideas: Author and University of Toronto professor David Gilmour caused a continental stir yesterday when an interview revealed this quote: “I’m not interested in teaching books by women.” He went on to say, “What I teach is guys. Serious heterosexual guys. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Chekhov, Tolstoy. Real guy-guys. Henry Miller. Philip Roth.” Roxane Gay addresses his shortsightedness with a reading list and some pointed responses. [Salon]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans may find themselves asking the same thing ThinkProgress’s Alyssa Rosenberg did after seeing the new TV series The Crazy Ones: “What Happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Career?” [ThinkProgress]

• Cloudy with a chance of bigots: Guido Barilla, CEO of pasta giant Barilla, declared that the brand would never advertise with images of gay families, saying “I think the family we speak to is a classic family.” He walked back his remarks a bit once news of the statement sparked a Barilla boycott, but the damage seems to be done. Good news for Ronzoni! [The Guardian]

A supportive tweet from Ronzoni's Twitter account


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