On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup


Good morning! Happy Monday! Here’s our list of feminist news links to kick off your week. 

• Grammy Time: Was Frank Ocean stiffed awards because he’s unconventional? [Guardian] Will we all let out a collective sign of relief at some future date when Rihanna dumps that jerk Chris Brown? [Jezebel] 

• Millions of immigrants could be cut out of immgration reform. Here’s the infograph to prove it. [Colorlines] 

• FOX News accidentally endorses same-sex marriage: The news agency mistakenly runs a photo of a lesbian couple to illustrate a story about the need for traditional gender roles in marriage. [Feministing] 

• Standing up to domestic violence… on Social Media: An American woman living in China posted photos online of the bruises she received from her husband, building support as she fought for justice through an apathetic and discouraging court system. [NYTimes]

• Hooray for contraception! The US teen pregnancy rate is at an all-time low. [Jezebel]

• Science says: Gender doesn’t determine whether you’re “assertive” or other traits traditionally thought of as male. [Buzzfeed]

• Who are these “female readers”? A great little historical retrospective on peoples’ conceptions of what women want to read. [LA Review of Books] 

• Sylvia! Today is the 50th anniversary of great writer Sylvia Plath’s death. [Guardian] 

• One more reason to never listen to Rush: On gun control, he disrespects and distorts the histories of African-Americans. [Miami Herland] 

• Who made Mardi Gras for tourists? A history of the race and class behind Mardi Gras Krewes. [Sociological Images] 

• Finally! A statistical analysis of what rappers actually say about the police [Sociological Images] 

Did I miss anything? Post it in the comments!


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The Grammy's

A lot of artists aren't awarded Grammy because they're unconventional. David Bowie has won two in his entire musical career, one in the mid-80s for a short-form music video, and the other as a Lifetime Achievement. Led Zeppelin as a group never got one, the Who never got one, Queen, Run DMC, Jimi Hendrix, the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, janis Joplin, Rush, The Grateful Dead, etc, so it's really not that uncommon for unconventional and/or controversial artists to never get Grammys. Plus, it's a stupid award. They awarded Jethro Tull Best Metal/Hard Rock Performance in 1989 over Metaliica. JETHRO TULL. So, I wouldn't worry or be concerned about Frank Ocean not getting a Grammy.


It was a very long time before Sir Paul McCartney won Grammys. Picked up another one last night for his oddly "quirky" pop standards album. Am among those who firmly believes that like the Oscars, there is a "generational divide" among eligible Grammy voters. The "elder" voters have no interest in the "unconventional" whatsoever. It makes sense that Sir Paul is now winning some.

At least Justin Bieber was shut out of even the nominations. Can't complain about that. ;)

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