On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

It’s Wednesday again! Here’s some feminist news to start your day.

  • Here are some thoughtless things one writer has heard while in a wheelchair, and her list of 10 thing never to say. [Mobility Resource] 

Stay tuned!

by Hannah Forman
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On Treating Teen Moms Like a Punchline

Was anyone else a bit put off by the teen pregnancy article? The author made some good points (a teen pregnancy does not automatically spell ruin for the mother, there should be more resources available to teens who chose to parent to help them finish school, etc.) but her article seemed to gloss over the fact that for the majority of teen parents, having a baby is a major hardship.

Perhaps prevention PSAs should be improved, but writing an article that almost totally ignores the difficulty inherent in early parenthood is foolish.

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