On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what we’re reading today!

• Prism and the NSA spying program could disproportionately target and affect immigrants and people of color. [Colorlines]

• Success! A study credits the HPV vaccine with lowering the prevalence of the sexually transmitted infection in the United States. [New York Times]

• Georgia Representative Phil Gingrey argues that in order to prevent same-sex marriage, schools should teach young children about traditional gender roles. [Huffington Post]

• The Texas Senate passed a bill that would effectively eliminate abortion access in the state. [Raw Story]

In other anti-abortion news: the leader of Personhood Ohio is selling his assault rifles and ammo to raise money for the group. [RH Reality Check]

• Is there a male media gaze? Jessica Valenti examines how the media profiles influential women. [The Nation]

• Awesome activism: FORCE, as part of the group’s campaign to build a national monument for survivors, has created a website for survivors to share their stories. [The Monument Project]

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by Nina Liss-Schultz
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TX SB5 Abortion Bill

This bill is going to vote tomorrow! We need all pro-choice bodies at the capitol at or before 1pm for a silent and PEACEFUL protest and show of solidarity. Wear orange. For more info, see NARAL Texas or on the NARAL Texas Facebook!!!

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