On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the news on our radar today!

Republican members of the House met on Wednesday to discuss immigration–and they came down strongly against the Senate-approved overhaul. [New York Times]

• Activists in North Carolina have continued protesting the GOP-led legislature, and more than 700 people have been arrested during the “Moral Monday” rallies. [Real News, The Nation]

• The Washington DC City Council is trying to pass a living wage bill that would force major employers to pay their employees a whopping $12.50 an hour, and Walmart is whining. [Think Progress]

“Still Marginalized”: The Root interviewed transgender activist Janet Mock about the discrimination trans people still face in the wake of DOMA’s undoing. [The Root]

• In more trans activist news, the Media Literacy Project created an ad to counter the images used in a Chicago teen pregnancy campaign, and it features the slogan: “Trans Men Have Babies Too.” [Media Literacy Project]

poster with a transman who is pregnant

• The first-ever international conference on street harassment, HOLLA::Revolution, is taking place in New York at the end of the month. The conference will include discussions on tech, feminism and street harassment. The facebook page has more details, including a speaker lineup and information on how to purchase tickets. [iHOLLABACK]

The Motherhood Archives is a film project “excavating hidden histories of childbirth in the twentieth century.” The New Inquiry sat down with the Archives creator, Irene Lusztig, to talk about “the birth of motherhood.” [The Motherhood Archives, The New Inquiry]

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