On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Monday! Here’s all the feminist news on my radar. 

• Writer Olivia Messer details the widespread, daily sexism that’s part of the culture of the Texas capitol. [Texas Observer] 

• A four-part series in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer digs into unsolved rape cases from the city and finds that not all rapes were investigated equally—whether police took each case seriously depended a lot on race and age. [Cleveland Plain-Dealer] 

• The New York Historical Society has a big exhibition on the early years of the AIDS epidemic which reporter Hugh Ryan says it whitewashes the divisive struggles of the time and leaves out the voices of patients. [New York Times] 

• Immigration reform activists protested Congress’s inaction on the issue in force last Thursday and Friday, staging actions in which 41 people were arrested. [Colorlines] 

• No surprise, but abstinence-only sex-ed cirricula are full of gender stereotypes so bad that they would be hilarious if they weren’t actually being taught in schools. For example: “Women need affection while men need sexual fulfillment; women need conversation while men need recreational companionship.” [RH Reality Check] 

• To kick off Pride Week, Vancouver, BC installs permanent rainbow crosswalks in one of its fanciest neighborhoods. Some LGBT advocates say that’s great, but it might be better to put rainbow crosswalks in affordable neighborhoods, too. [Straight]  

a rainbow crosswalk

What did I miss? Add what you’re reading to the comments.

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4 Comments Have Been Posted

Vancouver Rainbows

<p>I live and Work in Vancouver, around Davie and Bute (where the Rainbow sidewalks are).
Trust me, the West End is not a "Fancy" neighbourhood.
Indeed, it's a tad less gritty than East Van, but come around at night: There's a rise of cars being broken into, as well as the general problem with widespread drug abuse.
Stay at my workplace overnight. You'll see. It ain't all sunshine and (ahem) Rainbows.

That being said, The Rainbows are painted there because Davie street is the Gay village.
Nothing Fancy about it.</p>

Thanks for the counter-point

The article that bullet point links to describes the neighborhood as a once affordable area that's now too pricey for many people: "In Vancouver's West End, where rising real-estate costs have made it impossible for some young gays to remain... The gay-oriented businesses need a boost to reinforce that this is the heart of the city's LGBT community—even as low-income gays and lesbians have, in some cases, been forced to flee to other areas, only to be replaced by higher income urban dwellers."

Do you think that's inaccurate? I'm not very familiar with Vancouver's neighborhoods myself.

Fancy neighborhood?

Davie Village / The West End are NOT fancy neighborhoods. The rainbow crosswalks were put into this specific neighborhood because it's known as the 'gay' area of the city. It's a symbol of solidarity, and safe spaces. It has nothing to do with money.

West End preferential treatment

I grew up in Van, I'm now 40. First off I'm sorry if you live downtown and for some reason you don't think that it is fancy, that just makes you out of touch with the economic situation of others. The West End is very fancy and there is a ridiculous amount of money there. Yes it is a titch less 'rough' than East Van and not as nice or as rich as other hoods like Arbutus Ridge, Kerrisdale, or even downtown's Coal Harbour. but to not recognize it as a rich real estate community where LGBT reside vs the many other LGBT areas of Van is out of touch. The downtown core has been receiving preferential treatment as a gay community for years despite the incredible amount of LGBT near and around Commercial Drive.

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